Friend: I went ring shopping the other day fam. Found the perfect ring. Made that cop.

Me: Oh word? You wife-seeking ass negro. I knew you’d be next. When you planning to take a knee?

Probably in a couple weeks when I head to DC for her graduation. Spoke to her pops last night.


Yeah man. Gotta do this right.

You’ve got spheres good sir. Pause and all that. You got the bubble guts or anything? Just talking about this got my stomach on spin cycle.

Nawl. It’s time to move on to the next chapter of my life. Not trying to be out there in the clubs looking for things. That got old a long time ago. Sh*t, we getting old.

Speak for yourself fam. Your bad hip does not mine make.

Lol. But for real though. We’re just really happy together. I enjoy making her happy. Her schedule is crazy and we’re kinda doing distance, but our life plans are in line. Her family is cool. Her pops is definitely cool people. You know, shots of Jack and Redskins talk. Me and Tanya have fun doing something or nothing. Minimal arguments. Communication on point. We on the same page about church and just about everything else. No reason not to take the next step. Just delaying the inevitable.

Don’t ever gush in my direction again. I will punch you in the face.

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LMAO! You’ll see one day.

Perhaps. Is she with seed?

*controversial term of endearment *, no!

Lol. Aight. My bad. Well, good luck with the proposal.

Thanks but none needed. I got this.

Well excuuuuuse me! Let me take off this tiny hat and salute.

Lol. You’re next.

You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!

I’ve been through a few wedding seasons. And with each year that goes by, the activity gets busier. A couple of my friends have gotten married. A couple others have kids. I expect the years to follow to be more of the same. At some point, the time will be up for all of us. So the question now is who’s next? Something I’m sure a lot of us are asking or thinking about. Who’s next in your crew? Fellas that are married, when did you realize it was your time? For the ladies, do you know which of your friends will be next to take the leap into the next chapters of their lives? Fellas that aren’t married, do you think your time is up soon?