Taylor and Danielle on the Today Show sharing their story. Source

If you were dating someone and they got into a serious accident or contracted a life-changing illness, would you stick around or take off?

Not an easy question to answer. There’s a good chance you said “It depends.” You probably thought about the severity of the accident or illness. You’d consider how long you were with the person, the depth of your feelings for them. There’s a lot that you’d have to think about. And feel free to tell me if I’m wrong, but if you weren’t married or engaged to the person, there’s a good chance you’d leave. Why? Because you’re more selfish than committed.

I started thinking about this because of a story I came across a few days ago. It was the love story of a couple told in 22 pictures. The guy, Taylor, had joined the navy and transitioned to a military unit that identifies and disables explosive devices. While out on a mission, he stepped on a mine and lost his legs, an arm and a hand — the penultimate sacrifice for one’s country.

Enter Danielle, his long-time girlfriend. The first image of Taylor after the accident is of him in the hospital with Danielle standing at his bedside. The next image is him wrapping what’s left of his arms around Danielle and her embracing in return. And for me, that’s where the story really begins. Not just in this particular article, but for all of us. They’re still together. She’s helping him through therapy, carrying him up the stairs and standing by his side. What would it take for you to do the same?

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Click here to read the rest of the article on UPTOWN Magazine. 

While this is only part of my article, there’s enough here to start a discussion today on SBM. Would you stick around or would you be out? How do you determine how committed you are in a relationship? Should we be getting into relationships if we can’t commit to sticking with the person if something happens to them?

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