As human beings we take many things for granted: another day, friends, family, shelter, and the list goes on. It’s easy to take things for granted, complacency haunts the most grateful of all of us. Yet it should be required that we remind ourselves of the things that keep us going and that allow us to feel satisfaction. Today, we won’t go down the daunting list of all these things; instead, let’s just focus on one important one – the girlfriend. It’s easy to take the woman in your life for granted. So here’s a list of things that guys can use in order to combat the complacency that results from having a down chick:

1. Forget How Fine She Is

Is that yo chick?

Guys forget how bad their girl is until they go out in public together. Men can’t appreciate the beauty of their women until some asshole breaks his neck to get a glimpse of her booty or fondles his girl with those ocular tentacles. It’s hard to appreciate what you have when you’re laying in bed with a 9 or 10 and she’s two questions away from becoming an annoyance. If fellas only had access to their girl’s social networks and saw “the thirst” in her FB inbox, Twitter DM or Instagram, they would know how beautiful their girl was. It’s amazing the things we don’t admire, until someone else admires them for us.

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2. Treat Her Like a Sl*t

One time I was having a discussion with one of my boys about facials and he said, “I can’t do that to my girl. I just can’t bus on my old lady’s face like that. But with a side piece, anything goes.” I was taken back. I felt like if there was anybody you should be shooting hot DNA all over, it would be the love of your life – your companion and midnight freak. There are so many women out here wanting their boyfriends to “go all out” sometimes (not all the time) and men are out here giving the side-pieces the sh!t best-sellers are made of. I don’t know what to say about you if you’re not living la vida loca in the bedroom with your girl.

3. Forget They Were Friends First

A true way a man can rob himself of everything beautiful that a relationship is and could be when he forgets that his girl was his friend before they were lovers. It’s true that sometimes it’s like being committed to an arch enemy that you’re constantly trying to outsmart and outwit about frivolous sh!t. Men would be amazed at the things their women could handle if they were just more truthful. It’s not the fact that women can’t handle the truth; it’s that men can’t bear confronting the ugliness of such truths. Don’t give your girl the benefit of the doubt, give her the benefit of the truth.

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4. Don’t Tell Her They Love Her Til She’s Leaving

The most common of them all is forgetting to tell your girl how much you appreciate her, before she tries to leave. Most of us have been guilty of this. When things are going well your emotional communication is that of a caveman. But soon as sh!t gets real, that’s when cats start stringing words and soliloquies together like a struggling poet. Don’t wait til the last minute to keep it one hundred with your soulmate.

What are some other things men/women need to stop doing that they may not be aware of? Has your man/woman stopped being as adventurous in the bedroom like he/she did before you guys got serious? How easy is it to not value your partner as a friend? What things could you start doing today to ensure your partner is appreciated? or the Sh!t U Need 2 Know is a NSFW blog based on the explicit discussion of sex, relationships, and social commentary. “It’s Where Your Bedroom Voice is Welcomed…” TheSUNK’s author is a native of Chicago and a current Howard University student.