This week Ashley, a SBM reader, shared a non-traditional bucket list from her friend through our Facebook page. At first, we thought the list was pretty hilarious. Then we realized the list made a lot of sense and it was our duty to share it here with the full SBM Family. Tabernacle! Below are 30 things all men should experience by age 30.


1. Own a passport and have been out the country at least once.

2. Own a tailored piece of clothing.

3. Have a story involving Vegas and/or Miami, drinking, and midgets (Only if you are lucky).

4. Know what type of haircuts work for him you should not still be experimenting (i.e. Donovan McNabb) or know when it’s time to let it go and rock a bald head (LeBron James).

5. Met a woman out of town that you still keep in contact with.

6. Flown to see a woman or flown a woman to see you.

7. Participated in a friend’s wedding.

8.Fallen in love with a stripper even if it was just for one night.

9. Eaten at a restaurant that requires reservations.

10. Know how to tie a tie.

11. Have at least one signature dish you can make.

12. Own a nice watch and a nice pair of shoes (not talking about sneakers).

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13. Manscaped at least once to try it ( to what extent that is up to you).

14. Should not still get grossed out by talk about periods, gotten his red wings, and doesn’t mind creating a murder scene.

15. Know what type of woman he can’t deal with.

16. Participated in some physical activity that he had to train for (Marathon, Tough Mudder, 5k, whatever).

17. Purchased flowers for a woman.

18. Made out in public with woman or dance with your partner when nobody else is on the floor and not give a damn who’s watching.

19. Experienced a good cigar.

20. Had a one night stand.

21. Have a savings account, 401k, mutual fund, roth IRA, or investment property etc.( or some combination of the those).

22. Know what side of the street to walk on when walking with a woman.

23. Know that a first date to the movies is dumb as hell.

24. Been to professional sports game/boxing match/MMA fight.

25. Been to a play or ballet.

26. Know how to swim.

27. Went out drinking and skirt chasing to help a friend though a break up.

28. Have helped somebody achieve a goal or better their situation (job referral, tutoring, mentoring, etc.).

29. Have done something extreme (sky dive, bungee jump, be in a bar fight where you’re outnumbered, gone raw dawg on a complete stranger, etc.).

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30. Have been involved in some form or type of ‘group’ sexual activity.

If you’re about that life, share your score below in an XX/30 format. If you’re really about that life, share the exact ones from the list you’ve already accomplished. Do you have a personal bucket list? What is our list missing? What is a list of things all women should experience by age 30?