1. Tia and Tamera

“Go home Roger!” No real reason why men used to sit around debating on which of these identical twins looked better, but we did. For some reason, I always picked Tamara, I thought that Tia was a little stuck up. (Years later, we would find out just how far from the truth I was, but still.) Tia and Tamara gave brothers, who did not have, hope that we could meet twins and live forever.

2. Lisa Turtle

Many of us grew up watching Saved By the Bell and as you all know, Lisa Turtle was the only Black girl on the show. Personally, I always understood where Lisa was coming from on this show. I went to middle school with all white people and being one of the only Black people, we all used to date each other. Lisa gave brothers hope that the one Black girl at school would also be as cute and funny as Lisa.