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A couple weeks before I asked Stacey to be my girlfriend, we had an unfortunate incident involving Steve. Turns out the burglar that took all of Stacey’s stuff hit the entire neighborhood and Stacey didn’t have renter’s insurance. Guess who did though? Yep, Steve, who lived in the same neighborhood and was hit less than a week later. Stacey had a bright idea of claiming her missing items with Steve’s insurance company.

Although it happened more than 8 years ago, I remember this day like like I just woke up.  One night, Stacey’s friend was in town staying with her because she had an interview for dental school. I came by to say hi to her friend. I wasn’t there more than 20 minutes before Stacey’s phone rang.



“Well, I can get it from you at school tomorrow.”

“No, I don’t want you to come over here right now.”


“No really, I can get it from you tomorrow. Are you drunk?”

After she hung up the phone, she told me that Steve had received some of the items in the mail from his insurance company and he was on the way over to drop them off. She also told me that she didn’t want him to know I was there. I wanted to call her on her bullshit, but since her friend was there, I decided to refrain. When her phone rang, she went downstairs (My friends and I helped her move all her stuff from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor because I felt it wasn’t safe for her to remain on ground level). A couple of minutes later there was loud banging on the door. As I opened it, Steve stood there breathing heavy, “I need to talk to you downstairs RIGHT NOW!”

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I could see Stacey coming up the stairs.

I don’t’ know why Stacey thought Steve wouldn’t know I wasn’t there. Not too many people in the city of Nashville drove an Accord with Que license plates on the front. As I followed Steve down the stairs, Stacey tried to stop me. “Please don’t go down there. He’s drunk.” I really didn’t care because at this point, I felt that he had challenged my manhood. I’m pretty nice with my hands and I was taller than him by a good 8 inches. I wouldn’t have hurt him too bad.

About half way down the stairs he stops and turns towards me.

“I just want to know what your relationship with Stacey is.”

“Same as yours. We’re just friends.”

“I know you’re just friends but what do y’all do?”

“We do what friends do.”

“I know, but I wanna know the extent.”

“Why are you so interested in what we do?”

“You want to know why? It’s because I love her!”

At this point, I’m so taken aback that I actually had to pause and take in the situation. How did my life become a lifetime movie? This can’t be real. Only it was all too real. Stacey interjected at this point with:

“Fine! You want to know what our relationship is so bad Steve? We’re fucking!”

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I swear to you it looked like someone shot Steve in the heart with an invisible glock. He dejectedly turned towards me and asked, “Is this true?”

The only thing I could respond with was: “Well she said it.” With a blank expression, Steve walked down the rest of the stairs and sped off into the night. That night I told her that if we were going to continue dating then she had to choose between him or me. She chose me.

As I said in the last post, that summer we were taking an intensive course that had us in school all day. The TA for that course was Steve. The beginning of the summer was great. During the second week of class, I noticed something was up with her demeanor towards me. On Friday, we went out to dinner after class and after that we went to her apartment. Post coitus we were laying in bed and her cell phone rang. She hit the ignore button, then less than a minute later her house phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and let it go to voicemail. This was 2005, so she had a regular answering machine where her messages came on a speaker. The person calling left a message. It was Steve.

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“I have that book you wanted. I was going to bring it over tonight but you can pick it up when you stop by my crib tomorrow.”

She looked like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. After an awkward moment of silence I said: “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

She flipped the script so fast and got mad that I would insinuate that she would try to play me. I fell for it. After some more awkward moments of silence she said, “I think we should take some time apart. I feel like we rushed into this.”

Have you ever been broken up with while you were naked? Has to be the top 5 worst ways to be broken up with.

That night I cried all the way home and slept maybe 30 minutes that night.  That was the first time I had truly given my heart to a woman and she stepped all over it. No disrespect to my first two girlfriends, who I told I loved. Honestly, I really didn’t know what love was before that. I learned that being in love also means being vulnerable. It sucked so bad that I learned that lesson at 23 years old, but I was glad that I didn’t learn it later in life.

To be continued..