why do men call women crazy

While taking a break at the plantation, I came across a great read in the archives of BrownSista.com. It’s a woman’s perspective on the games men play, with some insider info on why men are so quick to label women as “crazy.” I’m sure both men and women can relate to this article. Take a few minutes and get acquainted.

I’ve spent the better part of a week trying to understand men. Trying to get an understanding on why they do the things that they do. What is it about our actions as women that cause their actions as men? I’ve had extensive conversations with male friends and ex-boyfriends trying to get to the root of what I see as an issue. Trying to see how I can bridge the gap of misunderstandings, not just for myself but for all the single women out there.

You see, I have a broken heart. I know I’m not alone, and I’m in better shape than most because I have faith. I had an issue. A question: “Why do men play the “ignore game”?” That bothers me. I will not lie, I will not try to sugar coat it… it bothers me. In my quest for answers I found it bothers a lot of women. When querying my male friends I found that most of them had ignored some woman at some time in their past. Their logic was “She’ll eventually get the picture.” Really? So instead of just having a potential “uncomfortable” conversation with someone, you’d rather she be upset and hurt… possibly forever? Seriously? Now, let me clarify, there is no one worth being hurt forever over, and I’m sure most women will agree with that. I’m sure most will say they have never been that upset over a man. I ask you to watch the women who say that. Watch how they say it. Most will say it with a head roll, or at least an eye roll. Not all. But a lot.

There are a lot of bitter women, some of which don’t even know they are bitter they have been that way for so very long. It is understandable. I recently had a conversation with a male family member who could not understand why a woman he had mistreated 10 years ago was still angry with him. Yes… 10 years is an extremely long time to hold on to anger… but I understand. You take the average woman over 30 that has never been married; chances are she has been mistreated 5-10 times maybe even more. She is frustrated. She is damaged. Odds are she is bitter and heartbroken. Again, this isn’t for the few of you that will claim that you have been able to just except and move on from a bad experience with no damage, no bitterness, and no heartbreak. There are many that are just above that, and will claim women that are not to just have low self-esteem. I’m glad for them, but for those that do know what I am talking about, I have done the research for you.

My question and my pain all stems from the avoidance. Why men feel the need to leave us to wonder why they do the things they do. Why just stop calling? Why just stop answering text messages or emails… why? Why not be a man, and tell us what we did… or what we didn’t do? Why don’t they know that makes things ten times worse than they have to be?

Click on over to BrownSista.com to read the rest and get the answers. 

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