relationship truths

In honor of the redundancy of the day, the homie Michele from Black ‘n Bougie wrote a post on 12 relationship truths you need to know. She in no way claims to be a relationship expert, but life teaches you a lot about the game of love (and war). Here are a few points from her list:

1. Yes, you are a prize but not for every damn body. Each of you individually is a prize… for someone. Maybe two or three someones but not for everybody.

2. Just because someone is a “good” man or woman, does not mean they are “good” for you.

3. Liking someone, lusting for someone and loving someone are not the same thing. Unless they come as a package deal for both parties in which case, when’s the wedding?

4. If you’ve had three or more failed relationships in a row, you are the common denominator. (looks in mirror, sticks out tongue) #Arithmetic

5. Grown men and women in committed relationships cannot be stolen from one [another]. Someone makes the conscious decision to leave.

6. The more you tell us how fabulous your life with so-and-so is, the less we believe you. My godparents have been married for 53 years. Every time I have asked how they are doing for the past 20 years, they respond “Baby we fine and we living.” Okay? Keep your business off these inna-web-social-nets.

Once you read the full article, some of you may want to hit control-p. It could save you some trouble. SBM Fam, what relationship truths have you learned over the years?