nick cannon and mariah carey waited for marriage

According to Nick Cannon, he waited until the marriage night to finally have sex with Mariah Carey. Now that’s not to say some things didn’t go down beforehand, but still… I’m not sure that many of us have that power in us to wait until marriage to get in those jeans. Nick Cannon recently opened up during an interview about the decision to wait until marriage to cross the goal line with Mariah.

I have to credit the great Necole Bitchie for this find, but check out the excerpt and Necole’s commentary below:

The latest couple to reveal that they definitely waited until after they tied the knot to get in the sheets is Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.  During an interview with Howard Stern, when asked how he was able to wait to have sex, Nick Cannon responded:

It was Mariah Carey. If Mariah Carey gave a bad blowjob, I didn’t care. In my mind, I’m with it. Either way its one of the most beautiful women that ever walked the planet.

When asked if he was nervous to feel her up after the wedding, he responded:

I was excited. It was so different because we were jet setting and traveling and stuff [while we were dating]. So I would be back home, there would be other chicks, but this was the one woman that was like none of that is going down. I knew her values.

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In my opinion, it would be hard for me to date someone and be in the position of having to wait for marriage when I know for a fact that she isn’t a virgin. I know that there might be extenuating circumstances that would lead someone to feel this way, but personally, it just wouldn’t fly. I’m always big on not wanting to have to have special circumstances for my situation based on the actions of someone in the past. If i’m dating a girl who’s been screwed over by men in her past, why should I have to be the one who has to suffer? No matter how I slice that pie, I can’t find a way for it to be in my favor.

What about you? Do you think you would have the power to wait? Would you be able to be in a position where you know your partner has been with others before you but yet you’re going to have to wait? What would it take for someone to be that special for you?