What’s good everyone!

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from the SBM team! For those of us who partake in the gift giving tradition, there are many aspects to consider. I could go into a diatribe about how this season is more about giving than receiving for me, and that my satisfaction is guaranteed from the looks on my families faces when they open their gifts. I could speak about how Christmas sucks as an adult, now that the flow of gifts probably slows down exponentially. A plethora of topics could be considered, alas, the Hennessy, Whiskey, and egg nog were too potent over the last few days for me to properly write on those issues. Instead, I will drop some quick knowledge on how to handle  the 24 hours following your Christmas gift exchange. It’s Boxing Day for our UK and Canadian readers, so let’s celebrate accordingly. Hey, it’s the holidays dammit!

DO: Show Appreciation For EVERY Gift You Receive

No one had to get you sh*t for Christmas. So what if your mom got you the Rayon/Cotton mix bath robe that you will NEVER wear?! Who cares if your in-laws got you a tool box with one tool and a manual? It’s the thought that counts. Consider that most people would dream of having a suspect gift filled Christmas because they have no family or don’t have the funds to get you what you REALLY wanted. Be thankful that you are getting something to begin with, because after all there’s more to the holidays than gifts!

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DONT: Automatically Ask For The Receipt If You Want To Return A Gift

Within the first few minutes you receive a gift, you know whether or not you will return it for money or another item. Maybe the shirt doesn’t fit correctly. Maybe the electronics are faulty. Either way, you will know, but asking for the gift receipt from jump lacks tact. Let the moment breathe a little bit before you go head first into negotiator mode. As adults, we know that some items may not be compatible with us, and as long as we have the means to upgrade of change the item, the thought and thanks for the gift still remains.

DO: Make Sure Your Gifts Are On Point

If you are the person who is a gift Nazi, yet all the gifts you give suck, than you really have no basis for gift complaining! Make sure your gifts are on equaly or greater footing, or at least have a good sense of humour when your gifts get slandered. Don’t be that guy who gets White Elephant esque gifts for others. See my first point on the thought counting but put some effort into it for tiny baby Jesus’s sake!

DONT: Go To The Stores On The 26th To Return Gifts

It’s going to be an absolute zoo in the malls and stores on 12/26. Unless you have nothing to do that day, and you are 100% pressed to swap out your gift, I would wait until 2 days after. The madness will simmer down a bit, and you can get what you need. Now if you think the item you want to swap won’t be there after 12/26, than by all means brave the stores. I would chill myself personally.

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The holiday seaosn should be a time for family, rest, and reflection. Gifts are a small part, but we should make sure that you show proper etiquette along the way.

Please also keep our brothers and sisters in Newtown, CT, the superstorm Sandy victims, and anyone who’s lost a loved one in your prayers this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!