In 2013, we will see the usual flux of New Year’s resolutionists declaring that THIS will be their year. They will talk about the change that will occur in their lives and how they will #BeTheBetter. While I have my own take on resolutions, I will agree that with a new year, some things should be left behind. 2012 had its ups and downs, and gave us a lot of potent comical fodder, especially on social media. Sometimes, however, you can have “too much of a good thing.”  That said, here is the SBM list of 10 things we’d like to only see if we hopped in a Delorean to 2012:

The “Keep Calm” Memes



The “Keep Calm” memes were cool for the whole Olympics run. The first ones were actually funny. After a while, they became forced and quite corny. We can never have nice things, and memes are no different. These were cool, but let’s be more creative in 2013.

Worrying About Other People’s Pockets


If there’s one thing I HATE about Twitter, it’s the constant debates over how people should spend their money. There’s a new iPhone released, or the latest pair of Jordans, and people begin ranting. Suddenly, Twitter people turn into Gordon Gecko and want to front like they have billions in the stock market. They want you to invest your money, or wonder whether you are as focused on Jordans as [insert any current political topic]. Everyone has vices, and everyone chooses to spend their money differently. If I have the means to pay all my bills and also spend money on things I WANT, who are you to tell me how to spend my dollars? Jokes are one thing, but some folks are extremely pressed for nothing. Get your money up in 2013 and worry less about the next (wo)man’s portfolio.

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Live Tweeting Life


I understand that you get excited when you go to a party or event and want your social media following to experience it, but what ever happened to the experience itself. The best memories are those we actually have to remember after they occur. To document every waking moment of a party or gathering makes me wonder whether you are actually enjoying yourself. Put the phone away and party up for a minute! It boggled my mind to see people live tweeting New Year’s Eve parties. I was lucky I could formulate coherent words, let alone send out multiple tweets! I had fun WITHIN the moment, as you should. It’s not like we’re watching our favorite show together, it’s life. Go live! While I’m on the subject, if you’re going to go to an event to act too cool to dance or party, stay home!

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