scandal on abc

In a relatively short period of time, Scandal on ABC has become one of television’s most watched and most discussed shows. It is the number one show in its time slot for the 18-49 demographic and with that demographic also being the most social media friendly, the show is almost always a trending topic on Thursday nights.

Scandal on ABC is adored by many — its fan page on Facebook has swelled to well over 500,000 likes as if this writing and the show also enjoys generally favorable reviews from critics with a Metacritic score of 64/100. Speaking personally, I watched the show’s first season and the first couple of episodes of the second season and found it to be pretty entertaining – for a network show. Still, despite all this and despite how many folks in my circle are “officially obsessed with Scandal” there is an exorbitant number of things about the show that I absolutely can’t stand.

Today I’m going to talk about Scandal on ABC:

7. All White Everything

olivia pope all whiteOk. I get that Olivia is the good guy in all of this. I get that she’s always right, always principled, always trying to save the day — still, does she always have to wear all white. She works in DC. DC has winter. Not like a fake, two-month winter, but really, snow on the ground right now winter. While exceptions can be made, generally speaking, winter and all-white don’t mix. I’m really not that particular when it comes to women’s fashion, but there aren’t too many things I like less on a woman than an all-white pantsuit. To me, Olivia looks like she’s perpetually headed to her sorority’s ecumenical service at its annual convention and at this point… it’s distracting.

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6. The Fake-Great Writing

Must've Been Laundry Day

Must’ve Been Laundry Day

I can’t tell you all how many times I’ve heard someone say, or read someone tweet that the writing on Scandal is great. If you’ve never taken the time to really invest yourself into a great television show, I can see how Scandal’s weekly plot twists, cliffhangers and ‘OMG’ moments might trick you into believing the show’s writing is exceptional, but trust me… exceptional it is not. There’s no greater example of Fake-Great writing than in the whole #WhoShotFitz fiasco. At this point, Huck is supposed to be what happens when The Jackal and Nikita have an assassin baby yet, in his wardrobe there happens to be a fire-engine red hoody which he happens to decide to throw on when his super-shady girlfriend happens to lure him to a … you know what… nevermind.