Girls Night Out

I’ve always been a fan of “girls night out” or “ladies night” or “no men allowed.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, as the various names imply, these are nights dedicated to women of varying relationship statuses hanging out with just their girlfriends. The themes, costumes, and group sizes may vary, but undoubtedly, if you’re a man, at some point in your life you’ve been rebuffed by their sworn by blood allegiance, “WE CAME TOGETHER, WE LEAVE TOGETHER!”

It’s come to my attention that some men, mostly insecure jealous men, aren’t fans of the girls night out concept. In their mind, a committed woman should never leave their side for longer than 15-minutes unless it’s to cook, clean, or tend to the kids. According to these men, a committed woman has no business having fun that isn’t inspired by them and them alone while in a relationship. For these reasons, and because this is a stupid way of thinking, I decided to try to persuade these men with five reasons for supporting girls night out.

1. Trust, Women Love Trust

Most people agree that great sex trust is the most important trait to have in any relationship. You can’t build a strong relationship without first having a strong foundation of trust. It’s true. It’s easy to trust someone when you’re monitoring their every move. True trust involves believing that the person you’re with will not only act right in your presence, but more importantly, they’ll act right when you’re not around. The only thing women love more than being able to completely trust the man they’re with is feeling like they’re equally trusted by the man they love. Nothing demonstrates trust like allowing your woman to hang out with her friends without monitoring her on a pre-installed GPS app or tracking her every move via FourSquare or texting her every 5-minutes to see what she’s doing. Of course, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose but you shouldn’t have to treat your significant other like she’s constantly on parole and one failed pee test away from going back to prison on her third strike. Given the opportunity to breathe, most women will tell you that confidence and trust in your relationship is sexy, and these qualities actually strengthen your relationship and make her want to be respectful of the trust you’ve given her.

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2. Win Over Her Friends

eCardOther than her parents, winning over a woman’s friends is one of the smartest relationship investments you can make. Trust me, you don’t want to date a girl whose friends hate you, because every chance they get they’re going to be in her ear telling her how she can do better than you, trying endlessly to sabotage the relationship by making mountains out of every molehill, trying to hook her up with “better” men and male friends they know, and basically, doing all within their power to make your life a living hell. Friends aren’t looking to break-up your relationship in one swift move; they’re in it for the long haul. For a woman’s friends, it’s a war of attrition, so there’s really no point in trying to fight it. It’s easier to just get them to like you. You can do so by not being the guy that “steals” their friend away from them. Within reason, you can draw the line. They don’t need to hit the club every night, but if her friends are missing their wing-woman because you’re too busy knocking her head into the headboard leaving her sore and generally too dazed and confused to go out most weekends anymore, a girls night out from time to time isn’t going to make or break your relationship. These small investments in getting her friends to like you will pay dividends when some idiot (or ex-boyfriend) tries to talk to her when you’re not around. If her friends like you, they’ll be there to throw the ultimate [rooster] block for you. If they DIS-like you, they’ll be the first ones trying to get his contact information and share your woman’s Facebook and email with him, along with appropriate times to call/text when you’re away at work. Winning the friends over is simply the smarter route, bro.

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3. S*x

One of the best parts of girls night out is the fact that your woman is almost guaranteed to drink. You might be saying to yourself, “self, why would I want my woman drinking around other strange men? Isn’t that a bad thing?” Clearly, you didn’t read reason #1 very well. If your woman is trustworthy, then no amount of alcohol or any other substance – I don’t care if she popped a molly and is sweating, WOO! – should make her want any other man but you. In fact, those substances should only make her want you more. She’s spending all night getting ready to come home to you and do all of those things her parents warned her not to do. You’re her man, you’re in a committed relationship, and you trusted her enough to go out and enjoy herself like she aint got no worries. Trust me, all she’ll do is spend the night coming up with increasingly crazier ways to thank you. I know a thing or two about a thing or three and this is a fact: no one is freakier than an intoxicated, happy woman coming home to a committed relationship.

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