It’s no secret that Ray-J finds ways to rub it in to Kim K that they had relations.  Things have been pretty quiet between the two, until I saw the following single cover art from Willie Jr:


Yes, thats Kim being blurred out. You aint low Ray-J!

You can check the song HERE if you want a quick chuckle.

I think this is comedy to say the least, but the staff asked me to react, and react I will. Here are a few points/takeaways I got from this situation:

Unless You Broke Her Virginity, You More Than Likely Didn’t Hit It First

This is a simple fact of biology, but some men have trouble understanding this concept. To tout the fact that you were the first to touch a woman, when others have previously rented with an option to buy, is idiotic. They say that one man’s tras is another man’s treasure, and both men and women have been someone else’s “trash” or “treasure” at some point. So unless you know for a fact you were someone’s first, to sayt you hit it first is technically lying on your private parts

Why Are You Pressed Years Later To Make This Claim?!

I understand the premise of male testosterone and laying claims. It’s things we do, mostly when we are younger, when we practice one-upmanship amongst one another. I could even understand it somewhat if your interaction with Kim was recent, but it’s been years since the infamous sex tape. Now Kim is ina  relationship, successful, and has a kid on the way. You pick this time to come out with this single? It screams of a cry for relevance and insecurity. Yes we know the Kardashian clan owes you 100 favors for “exposing” Kim to the prospect of making millions. As an ex-lover, when you resort to making a parody-esque song to claim your stake, when no one even had you in their mind, is lame. As a matter of fact, Ray-J, you have to be top 5 lamest dudes in the game right now. What’s even lamer is denying that this was a diss towards Kim. Be a man and stand by your words. The majority of us aren’t that stupid to think that you arbitrarily wrote this song.

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You can’t be too pressed about what former lovers are doing in their current lives. Maybe the relationship ended prematurely, or badly. I get it. However, personal relationships evolve, and everyone should be able to move on towards the future. When you are still concerned about stating your claim to ghosts of dating’s past, you look like you are stuck in the times, and have nothing going on in your life. If a former lover is doing their thing, tip your cap and applaud them. No need to play the claim game for no reason. Being salty only leads to heart problems.


Have you been in a real life “I hit it first” situation? How do you feel about claims on former lovers? Is it fair or foul?