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This was a post from my personal blogs #30in30 series. It helped me focus and I thought I would share it with the SBM family. Enjoy! – StreetZ

We waste more time than we think. Procrastination is easy to adopt and difficult to recognize as a problem. Sometimes, we like working under the pressure of a deadline, and will purposely wait until the last-minute to complete tasks. This isn’t challenging yourself to be better under arduous circumstances, it’s typical procrastination. We allow ourselves to get distracted by music, TV, social media, and everything else happening when we have things to do #InRealLife. Distractions are calming and welcome when we have stress and doubt, but can be a detriment when we indulge in them.

Life is like “The Matrix”. We are plugged into our daily lives, and let the minutia of the world steer us off course from our goals. Think back to your most productive moments, and I’m sure a common theme will be a lack of deterrents from your ultimate goal. Have you ever hear someone who wants to get in better shape give you the excuses for why they don’t work out or eat right? They will talk about lack of motivation and lack of time to dedicate to their goal. These same people will be on Twitter all day, watching TV, and perform other superfluous actions without regard for passing time. The problem is not a lack of time, it’s a lack of desire to dedicate time to certain tasks. Once you recognize this, you will become more productive.

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I welcome distractions, especially when at my day job. It helps break up the monotony and refreshes my mind so I can be more productive. I also recognize that those same distractions can negatively impact my productivity. There’s no use having a rejuvenated mind and soul if you use it to bullsh*t. I reflected on the time killers in my life. Time killers are common everyday things that you do to pass time that aren’t necessarily productive. This includes surfing the web, social media, tv/movies, chatting, etc. I realized that I waste A LOT of time! Some of these time killers are needed. I love to be entertained and I’m unapologetic about watching my favorite shows, talking on Twitter, playing video games, or reading comics and magazines. I like to enjoy myself, but when BS things I love take away from my goals, I have to adjust.

In order to focus and be productive, we all need to unplug from the matrix from time to time. Take a Twitter break every now and again. Close out that web browser (or your favorite sites) when doing work on the computer. Turn off the TV and radio/iPod (if you find that working with those on distract you too much), and see what happens. Everyone works differently, but think about how great you can be without distractions and utilizing your free time to the max. When I was at home doing nothing, 206lbs, overweight years ago, I asked myself why I wasn’t in the gym. When I wanted to find a new job, but I over stayed my welcome at my prior gig, why wasn’t I updating my resume and my LinkedIn page? Why wasn’t I reaching out to my resources in multiple fields making business connections? Why didn’t I have all the HR people in my life set me up on a plan to better myself?  I was wasting time, and I didn’t give a damn.

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Sometimes, it takes inspiration. Sometimes, it takes a friend telling you to stop BS-ing and to get on your job. Sometimes you just have to wake up one day, look in the mirror, and say “My name is _____, and I want to BE BETTER!” When that happens, you will focus and get where you want to get. I think you should avoid needing an “Aha!” moment and be preemptive and proactive. Think about things you need to get done, and truly ask yourself if it “needs” to be put off until tomorrow. Do it today! Does the latest ratchet trending topic need to be address at all hours that you spend online or can you place that time towards getting money, fixing up the house, spending time with family, or being productive?

Value time, because it waits for no one. I swore it was July 4th yesterday, now we are unofficially entering Autumn. Maximize your time and use it wisely. As I sit here typing all of my #30in30 posts, I find myself inspired to represent for my website and myself, but I’m also aware that I got a lot of productive things done in the time that I would just fool around online. There’s a time and place for everything. Just make sure that you balance the play time with the productivity and avoid letting procrastination become your crutch.

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