What’s up everyone? Hope all has been healthy!

Ok let’s go get some RESULTS

Being fit and conscious of one’s health is becoming very popular! “Day 1”, “This Monday”, “Next week” are a few things I see way more often now than ever before. This is awesome for someone in my profession; people are taking the first step, the hardest step, by themselves! There is NOOO credible “bandwagon backlash” for wanting to make a change in your health/lifestyle – right Mo’nique?

However, just as often as I’m seeing people hop on the judge free bandwagon, I am seeing people fall off way before achieving their goals; then having to say “Day 1” all over again. This part is not so awe-inspiring. Fitness and results revolve around many things but the main component of getting RESULTS is CONSISTENCY.

Here are 3 actions that will take you from Day 1 to Day GOAL, the first time around.

scheduling1. Scheduling

It sounds so simple yet it is CRUCIAL to staying consistent. People “don’t have time”, are “too busy” or tend to get “caught up” ALL. THE. TIME.  Just as you would any other very important event, meeting or appointment, scheduling your workouts with specific detail (Time & Day) is a big component when it comes to staying on track. But it doesn’t stop there; you MUST treat this “appointment” with the gym SERIOUSLY. It does you no good to schedule and then ignore or move your appointment around. If you are stern about your results, be stern about the process.

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meal prep2. Menu/Meal prep:

You have two routes with this one. Both are useful with staying on track. A) Write out a menu for the week: a menu that accommodates your schedule is a useful yet underused tool.  How many times have we eaten something because it was in close proximity, quick and/or required little to no thought?  Unfortunately, those food options are usually harmful to our fitness success. Write out a menu with what you plan on eating, where you plan on eating and/or the time you plan on eating. B) Cooking for the week: I have a few clients who do this and I personally do it on the more extreme workweeks. IT WORKS. Cook or prep all your meals at the beginning of the week so eating/packing food to-go is quick, efficient and requires little to no time!


3. Logging:

WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! I can’t stress its effectiveness enough. It LITERALLY takes 1 MINUTE (with all the tracking apps out there) to jot down what you’ve eaten, when you’ve eaten it and what you’ve done in your workout(s). Logging your food intake keeps you grounded! The feeling you get when you begin to write down “extra cheese pizza” or “alcohol beverage” will put reality into perspective that you’re crushing your results potential. On the contrary, writing down *insert healthy meal* will give you a sense of accomplishment and drive to KEEP GOING! Writing down your workouts is also a great tool. Progress does not come over night and it is not immediately visible. With workouts, writing down what you’ve done and how you felt doing it (For example, “5k Felt Good, took 30mins” or “5k OMG I cant feel my life”) will allow you to see (on paper) that you are indeed getting better and the road to visible results are only a few more steps away.

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Remember, things that are worth it, take time! Be patient, stay consistent and see RESULTS! #BeTheBetter

– Mr. BeTheBetter

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