Here are the top news headlines that may interest you for Tuesday, May 21st, 2013. Read, be informed, discuss, and prosper.

130520232945-ap-22-oklahoma-city-tornado-0520-horizontal-galleryAt Least Twenty-Four Dead After Devastating Oklahoma Tornado “At least 24 people are reported dead after Monday afternoon’s huge tornado, which destroyed whole neighborhoods of an Oklahoma City suburb. Authorities have released conflicting information about the death toll as survivors emerge from the rubble, moving away from earlier accounts of between 50 to more than 90 fatalities.”

Oklahoma Tornado Rubble “Even for a city toughened by disaster, Moore has never seen this kind of devastation. A massive, howling tornado pulverized a vast swath of the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, chewing up homes and businesses, and severely damaging a hospital and two elementary schools.”

Judge Criticizes ‘High Error Rate’ of New York Police Stops “A lot of people are being frisked or searched on suspicion of having a gun and nobody has a gun,” Judge Scheindlin, of Federal District Court in Manhattan, said on Monday during closing arguments in the trial. “So the point is: the suspicion turns out to be wrong in most of the cases.”

Another Reason to Hate Hipsters Thanks to hipsters, the price of cheap beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon is on the rise. A recent study by Restaurant Sciences found that low-cost beers like Budweiser, Miller Light and Coors Light are going up thanks to the rise in popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)– favorite among the community of bearded men in skinny jeans.

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More on the IRS Scandal “New details emerged of what the White House knew about the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups, with spokesman Jay Carney disclosing Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was among the top officials made aware of the matter late last month.”