So we just slap our lawyers on the butt during court proceedings now. We joke around during our domestic violence case that has up until recently cost us money, time, and some of our everyday freedoms? Man…

Yesterday Judge Kathleen McHugh sentenced Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson to thirty days in jail for giving his attorney a congratulatory butt-slap in the middle of a courtroom proceeding. The courtroom burst into laughter prompting Judge McHugh to clap back.  Some say that the punishment was too harsh and others agree with Judge McHugh’s decision, I’m one of the people that agrees with the judge’s actions.

Two things you never wish on any human being is death or jail time. I always have and will be a fan of Chad Johnson’s athletic ability. I was even a fan of his stunting or off-the-field antics at times, but he’s fallen off now. His game has declined, his antics have become less entertaining and more distasteful. Chad Johnson seems to vy for attention at any opportunity. Unfortunately for him, this was the wrong time to take such a costly gamble.

This is a clear case of “there’s a time and place for everything”, the courtroom is not the time or the place to do congratuatory a** slaps.

As a black man, I know that if there is to ever be a reason for me to go to court- I must be on my best behavior. I must be a model citizen, in regard to how I carry myself in the court of law. Chad Johnson was well aware that he’s a black man in court, with a white female judge defending himself against a domestic violence case for which he broke his probation. How many other reasons do you need to be on your P’s and Q’s in the courtroom, because that was 5. If you plead no contest to charges, you need to be in a constant state of remorse or progress in front of your magistrate. Especially if you are trying to regain the trust of the public and the NFL.

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Sometimes I burst out laughing when people say “Basketball Wives’ ruined Chad Johnson life”. When he clearly continues to make the wrong decisions. Judge Hughes’ gave Chad Johnson a wake up call, because in light of him being cut from the NFL and life “being in shambles” as he said, he still finds the time to continuously make the wrong moves in regard to getting his life together or trying to get back to those NFL checks. He took Judge Hughes’ kindness for granted. He thought it was sweet, he thought he had a friend.

Do people celebrate in court when they beat a case? Yes. Do they celebrate with high fives, hugs, fist pumps or falling to their knees? Yes sometimes. Do athletes celebrate with butt slaps after a good play on the court or field? Sure they do. However, Chad Johnson’s action or mode of celebration wasn’t congruent with remorse or relief in a court setting. Because it was in a joking manner, it wasn’t appropriate(this can be deemed by the judge), and his reputation just doesn’t allot him the benefit to take such humorous risks.

You can say Judge McHugh overreacted (#reacted as NYers like to say) or you could say she got the last laugh, either way Chad dropped the ball on this one.

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Was it fair to sentence Chad Johnson 30 days for joking in court? Did the Judge abuse her power? What do you think Chad’s future in the NFL looks like after this stunt? 

TheSUNK or “the Sh!t U Need 2 Know” is the social media coordinator for SingleBlackMale, he’s also a native of Chicago and a current Howard University student.