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Despite the vast worldly knowledge of the many men who contribute to SBM, maybe you’re still convinced we just pull facts and opinions from our nether regions. Maybe you think we’re bold-faced liars. Or maybe you just think we’re idiots. Whatever your opinion of us, perhaps you’d like to hear opinions on women, sex, and relationships from more men than SBM provides. This isn’t to say polling thousands of different men will provide you with any more clues, clarity, or insight on how men think, but at least you can rest comfortably knowing that the responses are supported by a few thousand men who have no affiliation or loyalty to SBM.’s “Great Male Survey 2013” even had the courtesy to breakdown responses by country. Now you can confirm your suspicions that all the no good, misogynistic, no manner having, incapable of courting, excuses for shells of men reside in the 150-square miles surrounding your residence. We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of the more interesting responses below.

Use Condoms! Men Aren’t Getting Tested

how often std tested

Men Still Believe In Marriage

institution of marriage

Men Would Rather Lie Than Argue

liar liar

Men Would Use Birth Control Given the Option

male birth control

If you’re wondering what the hell “male birth control” is and when it’ll be available, check out SBM’s post on the subject here.

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Men Want Women To Come…


When Looking for Love Intelligence Is Not A High Priority

relationship material

Want to Impress Your Man? Keep it Simple.

romantic gestures

Men Are Still Lying About Their Sex Partners

sex life lies

Only 17% of Men Are Satisfied With Their Sex Life

sex life satisfcation

49% of Men Think Weight Matters

weight gain

68% of Men Would Continue Dating a Woman They Don’t See as “Wife Material”

wife material liar

If You Sleep With More than 10 Men, Lie When Asked!

womans sex partners

Share your thoughts on the survey results below. Which response(s) surprised you the most? [Check out the full survey at]