Billboard’s infamous Hot 100 is filled with songs that make you dance and songs that make you dream. Songs that help you turn up and songs that help you cool down. For some these are our theme songs and provide the soundtrack to our lives. Whether you are out to get lucky, enjoying good times with old friends or trying not to drop that dun dun just make sure that these songs are not a literal reflection of your real life

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

“We’re up all night to get lucky, we’re up all night to get lucky”  From the moment the beat drops the rest of your night is spent with Pharrell & Daft Punk on endless repeat inside your head. If you are like me you are up all night because you can’t get this damn song out of your head, but  there are those who live out these lyrics nightly. There is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time with great people. Whether you are dancing til day break, cruising the city, or kicking it at a house party that is so clutch, these are the moments that make life wonderful. If you are over 21 and your sole purpose in engaging in these activities is to find someone to go home with…well it might be time for some personal reflection. We are social beings and you should enjoy the company of others for what it is, interaction with other social beings. If the night happens to bring you someone with whom you hit it off & later get off with then that’s awesome. Those who use the night to make memories and build bonds outside of sexual escapades just may be the truly lucky ones.

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How Many Drinks – Miguel

Between Miguel’s falsetto and the track’s sweet groove it’s easy to snap & sway to this R&B hit.  If you take a closer look it becomes clear that this song just might be the creep anthem of 2013.  Lyrics like, “How many drinks would it take you to leave with me? Yeah, you look good and I got money But I don’t wanna waste my time” serve as exhibit A in what NOT to say to a woman and number 2 on the top ten list of phrases used by date rapist ( I think we all know what Rick Ross sound bite took the number 1 spot). If ” How Many Drinks” is a smooth rendition of your usual Saturday nights, you might be fast tracked to catch a date rape charge and STD all in the same night, maybe even an unwanted pregnancy for the trifecta.

No New Friends – DJ Khaled Ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

There is a great deal to be said of a true, stand by you friend and may we all be fortunate to have at least one, BUT life is all about growth and change. During this process you should want people who can share in the journey with you. Everyone has not been where you have been and everyone can’t go where you are going.  At different stages, some friends will fall off and you will gain other connections. Shutting yourself off from “New friends” leaves you stagnant and unchallenged. Do you really want to be the smartest and most accomplished person in the room? I bet Drake isn’t so against new friends anymore since DJ Khaled proposed to his Young Money wife Nicki Minaj.

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Don’t Drop that Thun Thun – Finatticz

What can be said about this song that it doesn’t already say about itself? The fact that this song is currently at number 10 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart makes me worry for the future of our nation.  The lyrics are absurd so let’s just take a closer look at the title. If you’re like me you probably had no clue what a Thun Thun is but assumed it was another term for a woman’s backside. Well I was wrong. Thun Thun is a “cute” name for ecstasy pills. If ecstasy is a regular part of your life, you fail. If you handle these little blue pills with greater care concern than you would your grandmother, you still fail…that is all.

Somebody Else – Mario

Let me start off by asking a pertinent question. Can Mario just win at love for once? Somebody Else is Mario’s latest I can’t get no play/she did me wrong anthem (In case you forgot there was Just a friend, Let Me Love You, How Could You, How Do I Breathe, Break up…the list goes on). Heartbreak is an inevitable fact of life, but delusion & refusal to move on doesn’t have to be part of the equation. Mario painfully sings “When you’re coming back? So you’re never coming back, yea I don’t believe that.” No just no ! If you find yourself going through a break up, this is not the song you want to align your feelings with. Keep it positive & keep it moving.

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 What are some other songs that give bad dating advice?

– Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson is a Writer and Educator navigating a parallel universe some like to call New York City. Going confidently in the the direction of her dreams, you can follow her on twitter at @Writethev