K-Mart may have fumbled with this rap commercial from the Da Rich Kidzz to promote their back-to-school products, there has been a lot of mixed emotions and backlash over the catchy tune:

Another controversial commercial features YouTube child stars known as “Da Rich Kidzz” (previously known as “Y.N. Rich Kids,” it seems). Their fame took off with their “Hot Cheetos & Takis” rap video. Even Rolling Stone reviewed the song and rated it a 4 out of 5. In a K-Mart ad they’re now rapping, “My school bus is my limo, I roll back to school with my cap on and my brim low.”

“Get it off my TV!!!” one viewer pleaded. Another angered consumer said, “I’m tired of watching companies pander into the Rap culture thinking its mainstream. Its Not. Its only driving away a larger part of society.”

The last comment, for me at least, has an underlying tone of racism itself with its insinuation that the “larger part of society” (aka Whites?) are being driven away by music that supposedly only targets minorities. Not every African-American enjoys rap and not every Caucasian likes country music. But it is a simple marketing strategy based on what is most alluring to a particular target audience.

But even more simply, the retailer is trying to do something young, fresh, and funny. Clever kids rapping and cracking jokes about spending wisely is their interpretation of that.

While K-Mart is getting a bad rap — pun intended — for their latest commercials, I honestly believe we’re too sensitive and need to lighten up a little.

What do you think? Is it racist or just a marketing tool?

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