she's the perfect side-piece

Every now and again you get bored with the love of your life and need to dabble outside the lines a bit with something fresh – a sidepiece. However, you just can’t pick any woman and think that she’s the perfect side-piece. Your side-piece has to compliment you, your relationship, and your lifestyle or else she might cause more stress than she’s worth and blow up your spot.

The 10 Signs She’s The Perfect Side-Piece Mistress:

You have to make sure she’s perfect for you

She’s between the ages of 25-35.

You don’t want a mistress that’s too old or too young. The problem is that you don’t want to deal with a woman who is inexperienced because the chances of getting caught with someone who is a little young are higher — and you really don’t want to deal with a woman who is too old. You need a girl at a ripe age who’s going to give you good sex and is mature enough to be comfortable with the fact that she is just your mistress and nothing more.

Under no circumstance should she be uglier than your current wife.

You are treading on uncharted territories and it’s important that you understand that you may get caught. Aside from that possibility, how dumb would it look if you get caught with a mistress that is not better looking than your current wife? This makes the whole experience pointless and it is truly disrespectful to your wife.

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You will not find her on any major social media networks.

The key factor in keeping your mistress under wraps is to make sure that she is not a social media whore. You do not need any publicity on social networks because you never know who’s watching. You do not want anyone from your office or your wife’s social network to see photos of you and your mistress.

The less publicity the better, you guys aren’t in this type of relationship to be seen, you are meant to enjoy each other’s company and to partake in the physical pleasures.

She’s comfortable with the fact that you have a wife and knows her role as your mistress.

The whole point of having the side dish is to be able to have some fun without your marriage getting messy. The best mistresses are the ones that know their role. She knows you’re married and knows that her needs cannot compromise your marriage because it will mess up the whole flow of things.

She will be aware of when you are with your wife and take caution when it comes to contacting you. Cover your steps as much as you can, make sure she knows she’s your mistress and nothing more and nothing less.

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She stopped believing in love back in high school.

If she doesn’t believe in love, then you my friend are in the clear. This shows that she won’t catch feelings and the likelihood of her getting attached are slim to none. This is the ideal situation and nothing can be better than a mistress that has no desire to be anything more. Your biggest worry in this situation is making sure you don’t fall in love.

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