So, in case you haven’t realized our days of warmth are almost over. Soon it’ll get colder and you may find yourself in the same situation as last fall… WITHOUT A BOO!

If you’re like me, you’ve made that mistake one too many times and for some reason when ever Fall appears, you’re just as surprised at your singleness as last year. Well not this year, baby! Below I’ve got a pretty close to fool-proof plan for bagging some manly warmth for the Fall:

1. Plan Early

Don’t put this plan into play during the 3rd week of August. You’ll get what you put in. You need options. You need time to feel your candidates out. Question for ya: Out of all the dates that you’ve gone on this year, how many of them have actually turned into relationships? For most people that number is low. I suggest starting up the quest in early August. Anytime earlier and he may still be in summer fling mode.

2. Go Out!

What’s the easiest way to meet someone? You gotta be out ladies! It’s going to be pretty hard to meet your Fall boo while stationed behind a tv chomping on Ben and Jerry’s. Be strategic.  Approach it the same way you’d approach networking. If you were a doctor, you wouldn’t go to a tech convention to meet other doctors, right? No need to be out every night, just strategically choose events that will produce the type of guy that you’d like to meet.

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3. Look Nice EVERYWHERE You Go

You never know where you could meet someone. On the train, at work, during a lunch break, at the gym. I’ve been caught many a times making a run to grab a quick lunch and there he is: The man of my superficial dreams. And there I am, the messy haired school teacher/”who is she again?” girl that just happens to be in the checkout line with him. I’m not suggesting that you make it a fashion show everywhere you go but when you step out of the house, ask yourself this question “If I meet a cute guy today, would this be how I’d want him to see me?” If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go.

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