Too often we focus on women, stating that they’re not able to keep a man. No one ever brings up the guy who just isn’t beau or boyfriend material. It’s plenty of guys out here bouncing from chick to chick, simply because they can’t hold down the fort. If you feel as though this might be you, here are some reasons Why She Doesn’t Want to Be With You: 

You Hookup With 3+ Girls A Week
If you are a well-known player, why the hell would a girl even try to enter a committed relationship with you? You claim you want a girlfriend, but chances are you are hooking up with whatever girl will go home with you that night, exposing you to an endless array of STDs. How enticing.

Your Idea Of A Date Is Drinks
This is not a date, this is an excuse to get someone drunk enough to convince them to go home with you. Ladies, if you think this is a date, you need a reality check. While this may be sufficient enough for the first few dates, if these are the only outings you are going on together, he is not boyfriend material.

It’s Just Sexual
First of all, there’s a difference between dating a guy and having sex with a guy. Sex doesn’t always involve intimacy and this is something people of both sexes fail to realize. There are just some people you have sexual relationships with and there are some people you have intimate relationships with. If you are simply enjoying each other’s company while you hook up, this is a friends with benefits situation, nothing more.

Her Friends Don’t Like You
A girl will always verify a guy to some extent before getting into a committed relationship with said person. If you’re not passing the friend test, there’s basically a 90% chance this girl will not date you. Sure, she may hook up with you from time to time, all out of good fun of course, but she will never enter a relationship with a person her friends detest.

She’s Hung Up On Her Ex
The past always wins when a girl is clinging to her ex. There is already a ton of emotional investment there. Sure, she may be sleeping with you, but if she is still hung up on her ex, sex is the only thing you are getting from this girl. She is not going to commit to another person no matter how hard you try. The sooner this is recognized, the better it is for both parties.

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