woman not in the mood

A lot of women who are married or are in monogamous relationships will often say that their man wants to have $ex more frequently that they feel like it. The result is that a lot of women end up having $ex even when they don’t want to. Below are some reasons that women end up rolling in the hay even when they don’t want to:

1. They understand that relationships are give and take – Let’s face it, most men who watch “chick flicks” with their wives and girlfriends typically don’t do it because that’s what they have been looking forward to all week. It is more likely that they do it because they care about her and will tolerate a “chick flick” here and there or will occasionally go shoe shopping with her because that’s what she wants. The same goes for the ladies; even when she is not in the mood for a little “nooky”, she might go along just because she wants to put a smile on her man’s face.

2. They are afraid of losing their man – The truth is that not every woman is completely secure in their relationship and even if they are, maybe their man is not completely trustworthy. Some women will do the do a little more often than they would like because they are afraid their man will get his needs met somewhere else or he will leave and try to find someone more compatible in the bedroom.

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What are some other reason a woman [or man] might have sex even if they’re not in the mood?