Hey guys and gals! It’s chat time!

Not to toot my own horn but I’m pretty much a professional when it comes to the whole concept of hollering at a guy. It took some time to get here but practice makes perfect!  Peep our hollering 101 episode here for more pointers.

What I don’t understand, however,  is the fact that so many guys have not mastered this art and yet they’ve been in the game longer than me! What’s up with that!? I know that most of the females reading this will understand. There are some hollering tactics that most men should knowingly avoid and so today  I’d like to lend a hand to my friends, of the testosterone race.  In turn, this will help you out too, gals! If you agree with my pointers below, make sure that you let me know in the comment section below. Who knows! You may also pick up some notes too, or at least get a good laugh during the read

Here’s to the basics!  When should he avoid hollering at you?  Take some solid notes on the below, playas!

1.When She’s At The Gym…

“Don’t approach me mid-workout. I’m already in my zone and approaching then would probably only decrease your chances. Hmm…Unless you can show me some new moves.” – Veijor, 22

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2.When She’s On The Phone…

“If I’m walking down the street and on the phone, DON’T’ INTERUPT ME. I’m on a call! Smile at me or wave.  If I don’t respond or do a quick wave and continue my call then, guess what? I’m not interested. Remember this one thing: If I was interested, I’d excuse myself from my phone conversation and continue ours.” – Sacha, 28

3.If There Are Headphones In Her Ear…

“If headphones are in my ear and I haven’t removed them then chances are that I’m not interested. Sorry” – Lisa, 25

Check out the rest of the list over at WWMD and let us know if you have any other tips or experiences with this!