I have a question for everyone and I want your opinion. Do you think most women feel that they are “wifey” material?

I’m inclined to feel that most women feel that they are entitled to the wonderful world of monogamy, and that they may not play a part in the reasons as to why they aren’t attracting the right men. Today I want to simply highlight one facet that could very well play a pivotal part in your frustrations. Today is my little lecture on being introspective and being self motivated.

Men love a self motivator. We want a forward thinker. A lady who is self motivated is ambitious. She would also have a strong sense of self. For instance, if a woman wants a man to provide and be a staple of security, she too must exhibit those same characteristics. I know that I would appreciate someone who could recognize their own flaws. I’d definitely dig someone who was patient as well. As I see those characteristics, I already know that I have to bring my great qualities to the table as well.

To think that we’re born as husband or wife material is pretty arrogant.

Hell, if that were really the case then what does the divorce rate in this country have to say about it?

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I can tell you from my own experiences that I’ve known women with whom I vibed with well, but they weren’t self-motivated. In my mind it would be a waste to ever pursue anything further if she was unsure of the woman she was, and what she wanted. I certainly wouldn’t expect someone to have it all together right now, because I’m still getting my stuff together as well. In my case I have a clear idea of self and what I want.

This is a classic scenario of not asking of anything that you wouldn’t ask of yourself.

We all have to take the time to make ourselves more marketable. In truth, we should do it for our own interests first.

If you want that right guy and you’re puzzled as to why he’s not there, take a moment to be introspective. He might be right in front of you but he may feel you’re just not deserving of the whole shabang right now. I often say that most events in life can be influenced by others; but many times there’s something you could have always done to help  the situation. We all need to do our best to be on the same page with one another. If you want the real McCoy then we’ve got to be just that.

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What do you think?

Talk to me.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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