Trojan released its College Sexual Health Report Card in which they rank 140 colleges and university across the United States on their peen and vag politics specifically how infectious their campuses are. First and foremost, shout out to Syracuse University for ranking #13 on that list; while the student body manages to pain their bodies Orange, it’s good to know their genitalia isn’t turning the same color after a weekend of partying.

Nonetheless, I thought it was worth a great share. In this new YOLO era also known as the post-slut shaming era, casual sex numbers are debatable. Are more of us having casual sex or are we doing it at a lower rate? There’s arguments to be made on both sides. Here’s the Top 10 and Bottom 10. A special shout out but not a reach out to Seton Hall University, ew.


If you want to see the full list, click here.