When mixing and mingling with potential love interests, you find different ways to get to know them better. In the old days, you exchanged numbers and conversed on shared telephone lines hoping that your mom didn’t hop on the phone to toss salt on your pimpin’. In 2013, you have a plethora of ways to get information and gain an understanding about an individual you adore. One common method is social media. Although the main purpose of social media is to transmit information and build social relationships, many people are apprehensive of exchanging their Facebook profile or Twitter name with relative “strangers.” The lovely ladies over at WWMD touched on this topic, and got some interesting perspective from their readers on the proper amount of time to wait before exchanging social media info. Check some of the responses below:

“I just started a new rule about not following a guy until 5 dates later. I just want to learn about him in person vs. online. There are also a few things that could potentially turn me off if I view his timelines. He may be a horrible picture taker or he may have alot of pictures with females or be liking a lot of female pictures. So I’d rather not judge, initially, being that we aren’t exclusive yet.” Noelle, 28

One thing this city has taught me is to value my time and spend it efficiently. You can learn a lot about a person, good or bad, from their social media usage. Having said that, following them early on is a good idea as you get to learn more about them and can make a more informed decision as to whether or not you want to spend more time getting to know them. – Alvin, 29

I don’t think I’ve ever followed any guy I’ve dated if he wasn’t on the track to becoming my bf. I have a crazy imagination and I can misinterpret a lot. So if I’m not sure I’m moving towards long term with someone then I’d rather not follow you. I think around the 4th or 5th date. Or maybe about 6 weeks should be fine – Camille, 28

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Here’s my take on the situation. I think it depends on your comfort level on social media and how you met the person. If you met the person via social media then clearly they already have that information. However, if you met them in a party, at a gathering, or even at work, then are you really accentuating your social media sites in the conversation?

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It moreso has to do with your level of comfort. I once met a young lady who approached me and basically bagged me, lol. She got my number and we started texting. I casually asked her if she was on Instagram and tried to get her name to follow her there, and she refused. She said she holds her IG personal and didn’t know me like that to follow me. In my mind I’m thinking “but YOU approached ME and YOU don’t feel comfy giving me an IG?! It’s JUST IG!!”  Then I had to remind myself that many people aren’t as transparent on social media. They’ll have blocked profiles on all social networks and want to control who sees what, so everyone won’t have the same level of comfort sharing that information. I’m the same way with my Facebook (even though I don’t use it that much) because that’s the closest thing on social media to my personal life and history and I don’t want randoms on there.

In the end, when you feel comfortable sharing that social media info, you should share it. You can get to know someone outside of the matrix and it’s perfectly fine. It’s not a big deal, so don’t make it one.

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What do you thin SBM fam? When’s the right time to share social media with someone you’re feeling?