It’s the holiday season, which means family time! If you’re at a good place in your new relationship, and your boo invites you to spend Thanksgiving (Or Christmas now) with his family you politely say yes. Then secretly give thanks that you don’t have a thoughtless jerk who doesn’t care enough to take the time to try to incorporate you into his family life. Now that you’ve arrived, here are my tips:


5.  Don’t arrive empty-handed. Ladies, it’s his family. It’s highly likely that he won’t insist that you all stop and pick up a little something for the family to enjoy. Your man may not think it’s important to bring at least a beverage but his mother will definitely give you the side eye.


Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Meeting The Family

4.  Don’t stick under your man like glue. It screams, “help I’m extremely uncomfortable!” It reads that you are nervous and can possibly be easily intimidated by his big buff girl (you think) cousin. We all know how family members can be toward the new meat. Some will sniff out your perceived weakness and pounce.


Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Meeting The Family

3.  Avoid eye contact with the creepy uncle. Everyone has an Uncle Sleezy. He gives all women, including those that he is related to, the creeps with his suggestive language and leering looks. To avoid a situation where you have to put your self-defense class skills into action by drop kicking him in the neck, just stay clear.

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Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Meeting The Family

2.  Don’t over compliment the cook. You start yapping about how delectable the turkey is, raving over the candy yams, and praising the caned cranberry sauce only to find out that the entire meal was catered. Play it safe and throw out one general nice compliment. Plus nobody likes a kiss a**.



1.  Don’t overindulge in the liquor supply. Most families have a little something to sip on during the holidays. But if the boo’s peeps are anything like mine, then they have a full bar to supply a cocktail heaven all night. Let’s go with one drink when you first arrive to take the edge off. Fantastic idea. But if you find yourself complementing Aunt Vesta on her wig right after initiating a Soul Train line, honey, you have gone too far. Have several seats. And not on Uncle Sleezy’s lap.


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