Holding Hands

If there are any rules that we pay close attention to and are sure to follow it’s the Man Code. Now, man code says that it’s a big no-no to ever bring your lady to the barbershop with you. There’s man-talk going on and it’s no place for a lady. Further complicating this is that if you do bring your lady to the barbershop, even if it’s to drop off your wallet, it’s the look that you get from all the barbers and other patrons. Case in point, you’re not supposed to bring your old lady to the barbershop.

Moreover, if you want to throw a further curveball into the situation, try bringing your girlfriend… who just happens to be white. I’m not against interracial dating but I can’t lie to you that seems like a tough weight to bear. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be to endure the dirty looks and then it’s overcomplicated due to the fact that not only are people judging you for bringing your lady but also because she’s white.

I can tell you that from personal experiences it’s something that comes with the territory of interracial dating. If you can’t see yourself being with her in every possible setting then you probably shouldn’t be with her to begin with. This video that was released on WorldStar recently sums up the experience but you’d be surprised of the reactions of people in this barbershop as a patron gets into it with a barber about bringing his white girlfriend to the barbershop. Further complicating the scenario is that the barber is a Black woman and she seems infuriated. As she rehashes and reprises serious issues that seem to bother Black women with interracial dating we watch as other patrons react to her and also the white girlfriend.

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This one is rough because she’s bringing up serious issues that come from the heart. We all know how Black women have a tendency to react to a Black man walking down the street with a white woman on his arm but this video was amazing. I figured that it would be a good share and a good start to a conversation about how it feels when Black women see a Black man with a white woman. Watch the video and then leave your reaction in the comment section. As much as we’d like to think that it doesn’t bother us or affect us at all, it does. We’d like to ignore it completely or just act like we don’t care but is that really how we react when we’re among our own people. I can tell you from personal experience that while many people publicly say they’re okay with interracial dating the judgment is never ending.

Again, check out the video and then leave a comment about your thoughts.