Here we go again. Every time I try to defend Tony Romo, he goes all Romo again, further solidifying his reputation as a choker.

This past Sunday, Romo threw two interceptions in the final three minutes against the Green Bay Packers. One led to the go-ahead touchdown, the other sealed the game as Matt Flynn simply took a knee to end the game.

I get it.

I watch sports all the time (just ask my wife). I’ve formed a million and one opinions about players, some rational…others not so much. It’s easy to write Romo off as a choker who will never win a ring. And that may be true, but it won’t be all because of Romo’s play. Here are a few people who should share the blame for the Dallas Cowboys’ misery:

Jason Garrett/Bill Callahan –

The Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator for the Cowboys respectively. What the hell are these guys doing?

Watching most of the game, one thing became clear by the fourth quarter: the Cowboys refused to run the ball. As a DeMarco Murray fantasy owner, this was very concerning.

Murray ended the game with 134 rushing yards and a touchdown (winning me my fantasy match up, thanks for asking). However, in the second half, which the Cowboys began up 23 points, Murray only rushed the ball seven (!!!!) times. WTF?

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The Cowboys came into the game calling the second lowest percentage of runs in the league (37%). Sunday was just one example of pass-happy coaches setting their team up for failure. In fact, Murray has carried the ball less than 20 times in every game since late September…again, a real buzzkill for my fantasy team and the real-life Cowboys.

That damn defense –

nelson over scandrick


The Packers scored touchdowns on every drive they had in the second half on Sunday with a backup quarterback (I know that one of them came after an interception). That’s terrible.

Last game, the Bears scored 45 points with a(nother) backup quarterback. That’s terrible.

On November 10th, the Saints earned the most first downs of any. team. ever. against the Cowboys. That’s historically terrible.

To open the season, the Cowboys got six turnovers from the New York Giants and still gave up 31 points. That’s terrible for both teams actually. jerry-jones

Anyway, you get it. The Cowboys defense is a notch above Intramural. Two notches above high school. Three notches above not being there at all.

I get that it’s hard to defend when the offense turns the ball over. But it’s not impossible. Is it too much to ask for a big stop? An entire second half? Does the defense ALWAYS have to look ridiculous, like Orlando Scandrick does above?

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Jerry Jones –

Can’t take down the defense without mentioning the architect.

Jones has been the team’s General Manager for years. Making shaky acquisitions that left Dallas with this mess on defense. In some sense, it’s not the defense’s fault they suck. I’m sure they don’t want to be terrible. They are definitely trying hard. They just can’t help themselves.

Look, I’m no Cowboys fan. I have my own underachieving team to root for (Go Lions!), but as a famous Black person said a long time ago, “an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

It’s lazy and inaccurate to throw the blame for every close Cowboys loss on Tony Romo. Spread some of that hate around…and keep the memes coming. Those are funny.

What do you think? Is Romo the ultimate one to blame for the Cowboys’ mediocrity? Could any team win a championship with him as their quarterback?

Hit the comments and let me know!