RIP Uncle Phil

Thank God for football.

In the past week, there was the tragic passing of James Avery (aka Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons), and temperatures no human should endure here in Chicago. Needless to say, there has been little to get excited about recently.

So it was a good thing football delivered over the weekend.

First, Oklahoma upset Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. That game ended just in time for some classic Gus Johnson one-liners as Mizzou took the Cotton Bowl.

Those games turned out to be the appetizer for a ridiculous set of NFL playoff games. It would be easy to recap the games, but you already know what happened. Instead, we’ll memorialize James Avery and the major storylines to come out of the Wildcard Round of NFL Playoff games with some classic scenes from Fresh Prince.

Pour out a little malt liquor and let’s head back to the 90’s:

How Come He Don’t Want Me, Man? –

The greatest scene in TV history (I polled myself, this scene won in a landslide) goes out to Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals. How come these guys don’t want playoff success, man?

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I’d say Dalton was shaving points, except he threw his first TD pass in his third career playoff game on Sunday. So it appears he was trying at least.

Appropriately, the Bengals have been the stereotypical-TV-deadbeat-dad of the NFL since Dalton joined the team. They show up every year around your birthday (playoff time), get your hopes up and have you believing they finally got their act together (“this time he means it!”)…then they leave you high and dry, wondering when you’ll learn:


I mean, how confident can you be in that^^?!

Naturally, the questions about Dalton’s (and Lewis’) future in Cincy. Considering how terrible the Bengals used to be, they are actually doing fine. But any time you get excited about the Bengals’ playoff chances, remember this clip.

Break out Lucille. –

A strong second place on my Mt. Rushmore of Fresh Prince clips, this is Uncle Phil reminding us all “not to let the suit fool you.”

This clip is reserved for the Indianapolis Colts, who came back from a 28 point deficit to advance against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Look, this was an amazing comeback, and definitely something Andrew Luck can hang his hat on for years…but let’s slow down with the Michael Jordan comparisons, ok?

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Luck had all the ups and downs you expect from a young quarterback. He had 443 yards…and three interceptions. You can’t credit him for digging the Colts out of a hole without realizing that he held the shovel for half the game.

I’m looking forward to many more great games from Luck, but let’s wait for the stats to say he’s Jordan before we do.

The Classic: Uncle Phil Tosses Jazzy Jeff –

The best three seconds of any Fresh Prince episode. Guaranteed to make me laugh.

This clip goes out to the Green Bay Packers and, of course, me for predicting they’d win the Super Bowl.

Now, in fairness, I only stuck with the Packers last week because I picked them at the start of the season. But I opened my mouth, and now I have to insert my foot.


How did your predictions from this NFL weekend fare? Is your pick for the Super Bowl still in it? More importantly, what was your favorite Uncle Phil moment from Fresh Prince?

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