All men wonder one thing at some point in their lives. We all ask ourselves when will we know we are ready to commit? The photos I’ve provided here illustrate marriage as the ultimate form of commitment. Do not be swayed as I am not only speaking about marriage. When I say commitment, I’m really referring to monogamy. To be frank, I just really like the pictures that came up. But with that aside, there are many ways in which a man knows he’s ready to commit. Over the last couple weeks, one idea has been on my mind in regards to this. I feel that if I have had this feeling then I’m pretty sure other guys have at some point as well.

In the title I used the term “empty sex.”

Just to clarify, empty sex is sex with a person whom you’re really not that into. Now this raises another point that may raise the ladies eyebrows. Many women can’t fathom how guys can do this. Quite frankly I won’t even try to explain. Like Eddie Murphy says in “Raw,” it’s a dick thing, don’t try to understand it. I digress.

What correlation does having empty sex have with commitment?

Well this is where I’ll share a little story with you all and hopefully some can relate:

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I can remember a time a while back when I was casually involved with a woman. To be honest, this could’ve been an evening in which I was bored and one thing led to another. To make a long story short, we had sex. But when I was finished, I really just felt blah. This was a feeling I had never felt. Fellas, you ever slept with a woman but afterwards wondered “why did I do that?” I’m sure the ladies have, but that’s another post for another time. Well I questioned myself after. I wondered why I dealt with someone whose interests I cared nothing about? As I get older I’m starting to figure out that I need genuine interest in a woman to really even click with them in bed. I’m not saying that all men have to feel this way, but I do.

It’s this experience that led me to wonder if any of you guys have experienced something like this? Has a situation like this led you to just want one woman? This situation caused me to think a way I’ve never thought. I know I can’t be in a relationship with just anyone. But I also know that there ain’t a thing wrong with wanting one. I guess when the time is right you just know. Situations like this just makes you want the right time to be right now! I’m just thinking out loud this week, tell me what y’all think.

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These are my words and I make no apologies.

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