5 way to prevent self-sabotage in dating

It’s clear that there are many dating faux pas out there. As culture advances, so must archaic dating customs. People must think more with their heads and not their instincts. Scientific research has proven that most of what governs people’s dating practices is linked to hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Keeping this in mind, understand that technology and culture is evolving exponentially faster than what’s written into our genetics. To sum it up, don’t let your genetic makeup sabotage your dating experiences. The following old fashioned practices are setting you up for failure.

1. Following your instincts and not your head.

Yea I know he has swag, I know he’s a bad boy. I know that girl knows how to freak it on the dance floor and all your boys talk about how easy she is. But do you really want to risk having a child with him/her? Maybe this is based on prehistoric males seeking fertile females and women seeking protection and security for her and future seeds. But this is grossly outdated. Nowadays women work and can provide just as well as a man can. What’s more, diseases are all over the place. Time to leave swag alone.

2. Turning a blind eye to negative traits.

You knew how he/she was when you met him/her.  So throwing all these high expectations on the woman/man you just met in the club or bar is really unrealistic. If you know someone is irresponsible or unfaithful, well, why get romantically involved in the first place?

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3. Trying to change who you’re with.

Alot of people get into relationships expecting the other person to change. While everyone should always seek growth and improvement, this isn’t an absolute or for everyone. Maybe a hundred years ago people did, but now, being that people can lose themselves via transportation and communication, a child isn’t the end all be all that it used to be, especially with morals and the growing trend of single parent homes.

4. Letting those riches blind you.

Check out this YouTube video showing a Ferrari pick-up prank, where several young guys took turns picking up women just by saying “that’s my car.” Yeah, a fancy car and a nice job say a lot about a man or a woman, but don’t for one second think that the material possession correlates to how you will be treated or what you can get out of him or her.

5. Believing the hype.

Soul mates do not exist.
Soul mates do not exist.
Soul mates do not exist.

Let’s logically explore this one. So out of a whole world of people, your one true love, the one you were meant to be with forever, just happened to live in the town next to you.  Face it, the whole soul mate thing ends up forcing people to bear with a lot of unnecessary nonsense when they should have left. Now I’m all for giving your all for someone but understand, you are most likely compatible with tens of thousands of people across the planet. Keeping that in mind, if you are in a relationship that’s lost its spark, hell… move on.

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