TheSUNK shares his opinion on Clutch Magazine about how many partners he would want his significant other to have, many women disagreed and others side-stepped out of the discussion completely. Read his thoughts below and join the discussion:

First let me start off by saying my opinion will probably be unpopular. Some women might respond to my answer screeching in agreeable elation or repulse with frumpy looks of disgust.

A woman between the ages of 23-40 with  between 5 and 25 partners is okay with me, you could perhaps even have more than that; I’ve never been quick to judge. I prefer my significant other to be skilled in our palace of pleasure, however I do understand that the number of partners does not equate to skill level- but it could.It’s 2014 women have degrees, bread, careers, and women be traveling. What do all of these things represent? Desire. A desire to have more than what they inherited when they were born. A desire to do as they please without regard for judgement.

As an epicurean, I understand desire and sensual pleasure. The difference between a woman that sleeps with a fair number of men and a woman deemed as a h*e is a list of things, but the greatest would be discretion.The ability to discern between a gentleman/man with great character or one with lack thereof. Also the ability to choose partners that won’t discuss everything that happens between the sheets with whomever will listen.  To the contrary, I also know that discretion could be used to decide to not lay with a handful of partners, but I gave you my range and we’ll stick with that for today. My only true advice would be to; live out your fantasies, seek pleasure and be safe while you’re doing it. And if you can conquer all three with one partner, than more power to you.I just truly don’t agree with a lot of gender stereotypes when it comes to sex. I believe that women should be able to get it popping just like the fellas or both sexes should regard themselves in high enough esteem not to be easy as a whole.

Either way sinner or saint, both genders should be able to do as the other does. Of course we do not live in a society that believes what I believe. It’s acceptable for men to philander, but not for women- there are things physiologically that point to why men almost need to fornicate and replicate. However from a spiritual standpoint man or woman when you give yourself to someone sexually they hold a piece of you forever rather you call, text, continue to have sex, or even remember them or not. So it’s definitely up to you to decide who you want holding a piece of you and what memories you want them to have of you.Ladies, if you have a sexually bucket list; public sex, threesome(with two men instead of the standard w-w-m men force on you), want to be DP’ed, BDSM, role playing, want to be watched- do them.


How many past partners would you want your partner to have? How many partners is too many? Does it even matter? Is it different for women and men? Ladies, can a man have a number that he’s slept with that would make you pass him up? Ladies, are you tired of hearing men’s opinions on your body count or should we be apart of the discussion? Fellas, would you date a woman that had as many partners as you?