Today is all about part three. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. If you celebrate it I hope your plans are coming together smoothly. If you are new to this series please read part one and part two respectively.

When we last spoke yours truly was in bliss

I just had a Valentine’s Day that I could all but dream about. That period in time was special; point blank period. But yet again, what a difference a year makes. As we fast forward another year I find myself no longer dating. The young lady I was seeing previously decided she would go with someone else. Someone willing to give her what she felt she  needed at the time. She had her rights and I certainly wasn’t in a position to be that guy.

Ironically enough, around the same time I was ready to mingle, so was another young woman. She was a girl i had known for a couple years prior. We were friends and we kinda sorta dug each other. She was someone who had a good head on her shoulders, well spoken, and just a joy to look at. What’s the drawback you say? For the whole time I had known her she was always “cuffed” (in a relationship). Fellas I know we all have met that one woman we covet but she was always in something “serious.” Usually to someone unworthy of them. That’s neither here nor there.

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Her and I began to talk and flirt and all that good stuff. I thought it would be real cool to finally take her out. And what better day to have a first date than V-Day? I mean you all saw how that went in part one right? So I asked her out and she was happy to oblige. Now here came the fun stuff…planning!

I wanted a real different vibe, grown and real chill

So here was my gameplan:

I picked up a huge bottle of Moscato (the original “thot” juice) and a nice fruit platter from the store. I kept them both in the refrigerator in anticipation of the big day. I looked into a recommendation my boy gave my for a restaurant. It was a place called Cafe Baci in Westbury. It was a low key Italian spot I thought she would love. My idea of the evening was to have dinner bring her back and simply chill. We could sip wine, I’d feed her fruits, rub her feet catch a flick etc. I wanted things to be simple and fun. I was looking forward to it.

Unfortunately my plans didn’t pan out well. She had fallen ill with the flu the week of the big day. We had to reschedule. I was really looking forward to feeding her grapes, man! Needless to say the fruits had to go.  But we did reschedule and ended up having a belated V-Day lunch. It was the only time  available for us to get together. She loved the restaurant and even brought me a cute gift. We spent the remainder of the afternoon together. I turned on Netflix and we ended up watching “A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy.”  From what I remember it was a very cool movie. It took a look at black love and sexuality. It was something that our demographic could vibe with. It was also pretty funny. So we cuddled for the rest of the afternoon drank wine and just chilled. I honestly enjoyed the simplicity of it all.  That day was all authentic; just how I like it.

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My point is that perfection exists as much as it doesn’t

Plans can always change, or a date could take a weird turn. You just have to find ways to make lemonade out of lemons. I hope no one feels any pressure on this Valentine’s Day. Do what makes sense for whatever situation you’re in. I presented three different scenarios and three different relationships. Each of them had dates tailor made for what I seemed as logical for that time. I have slipped up and said wrong things. I even had V-Day dates that weren’t on V-Day. But be sure to remember you all make the day; the both of you. So this last date didn’t feel anything less because it wasn’t on V-Day. If I leave you with nothing else, just remember to pay attention to detail. Know some things about the person you’re catering to, and play to some of it. You don’t have to reenact a KAY Jewelers commercial. Just do what you feel is right and remember to have fun with it.

These have been my stories. I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. Happy Valentine’s Day SBM fam. Keep it safe and create some memories.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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