We’re finally past the lovey dovey hoopla that Valentine’s Day offers up. It’s well documented that I enjoy the vibe of the holiday. You all got a little look into some dates I’ve went on in past holidays. What we all witnessed last week were great acts of love. Instagram was overloaded with happy women and bitter women who longed to be just like them. I haven’t forgotten about the ladies who could care less. You all are in abundance as well. But this week’s discussion contrasts the previous.

You see, sometimes men hate taking a woman out

We’re alike much more than we’re different. Women may worry about being used. They might also worry about being lied to in regards to a guy’s intentions. The truth is that men are aware of the same. That’s where the Groupme chat with the fellas and myself gets interesting. Sometimes our discussions provide me with great inspiration. Last week a couple of the guys felt a way about women they were talking to. To be brief, they weren’t on the same page.

My guys were introduced to ladies who simply crave attention

Many of us (men) have met the women who just wants to “hang out.” Some guys get duped into these situations. They may not ask the right questions before he realizes that maybe she isn’t interested. There are men who would go out with these women albeit their skepticism. Luckily for my friends they did ask the right questions. That’s why they’re allowed to vent. It’s also what allowed me to want to bring this discussion to you.

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The ladies my fellas were speaking to weren’t clear with what they wanted. They flip flopped every few texts. Sometimes they just wanted to be friends. There were other times where they wanted to see where things would go. All the while these women had no intention of paying anything upon “hanging out.” It wasn’t until one of my friends brought this to one of the ladies attention that she then offered to go half.

Now in my mind, if it were me I would’ve suggested going dutch from the start. There are women who simply just want to be taken out on someone else’s bill. It pisses men off. I know there are a bunch of things women could check us on. Maybe about forty percent of it is on Nicki’s “Looking Ass Nigga” track. But today is about my guys. We simply want to know why?

Women have admitted to me that they have gone out with guys just for the free meal

We just want to know why some women won’t keep it funky from the start. A hard working guy wants to take you out, but you’re not feeling him? Don’t waste his hard earned money. In his mind he’s making a sacrifice and possible investment in you. That time could be better spent with a more deserving person is all I’m saying.

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To the guys that have dealt with this, we feel you.

Any of you ladies ever gone on dates just because? Have you had guys go through hoops with no intention of pursuing things further?

I’m curious. Let’s talk about it.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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