Many if not all guys have been there. We have gotten to know different women. In that process we learn about a lady’s history with men. The good, the bad, and hopefully not too ugly. Many times in speaking to  women they’ll allude to a man they wish they hadn’t met. On many occasions that woman also slept with that man. After that the same woman might say that he “didn’t count.” What do you mean he didn’t count? I mean I get it, don’t get me wrong. The thing is that it’s just a bit jocular to me. I’ve heard this from many ladies over the years. Today I simply ask them why?

I thought it was important to bring this subject to the front steps of women.

So that’s exactly what I did. When I wrote for my school newspaper a few years ago, I used to interview students weekly on a topic. Today I go back to my roots. And ladies, please comment and let me know if these young women mirror your experiences. I will make up names for  for anonymity purposes:

Damnpops: Have You slept with anyone that you regret?

Stacy: I don’t believe in regrets.

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Janita: Yes, I regret it because of how he acted after.

Damnpops: Why did you give them a chance?

Stacy: Pity.  We get tired of choosing the wrong guy. We have to let go of the good guy, bad guy mentality.

Janita: It felt right in the moment. Women get got. We’ve all gone out on dates out of pity for a guy.

Damnpops: Was it good?

Stacy: No

Janita: One guy was alright and one guy was horrible and killed the mood.

Damnpops: What made these guys losers ultimately?

Stacy: Physical attraction lacked. We had no real connection, I didn’t care for him.

Janita: I wasn’t attracted to him like I thought I was.

Damnpops: Do most women have guys that they don’t count in their sexual history?

Stacy: Yes

Janita: Yes

Damnpops: Why?

Stacy: Bad Experience

Janita: Embarrassment

Damnpops: Were you hurt by any of these guys?

Stacy: Yes, because friendships change.

Janita: Yes

Another regret these ladies had was that they thought they let these men “hit” too quickly. Stacy went on to say that these experiences are necessary. She also said that the whole world of dating is there to help you grow.

Obviously there’s no foolproof way of getting it all right. Dating is a game of craps. It was good to find out why women make some of the decisions they do. Many of the men see those decisions as plain old stupid. The irony of it all is that they end up giving someone stupid a chance in the process. Some would call this poetic justice.

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Ladies, have you been with a guy you regret? Why?

Thanks to the ladies above for their transparency. It’s much appreciated.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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