Today’s post is for the fellas. It’s for the guys who are single. It’s for men who have or had a rotation of women while single. A friend of mine said to me this weekend that one of the ladies he was messing with started falling back. He said that she was his most “dependable” joint. What does that mean? Well it means that whenever he was hot in the pants she would oblige more times than not. No games, no excuses; everything you could hope for in this scenario.

A woman like this is valuable as a single man.

I’m not too sure how men may view dealing with multiple women during a period of time. Being a basketball fan I always had a team concept. When you’re single and seeing different people you deal with multiple personalities. You don’t click with all the ladies the same. But the ladies you’re speaking to are down to do what you’d like to do in bed. Some of these ladies only want to do things when they want. Then you have your old faithful. She’s the one I always envision building the team around so to speak. She’s your franchise player. She most likely doesn’t bug you much. You also might have the best sex with this woman. If you’re lucky she’s also the most available.

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Outside of her, there are other issues.

You have other women who might not be as fine as your star player. You might also have women that you don’t click in bed with as well but they’re more available than your star.

The top lady you mess with has importance. But just as in any sport, every team must rebuild. Look at any sport where a team dominates. No team dominates forever. We won’t dominate forever either. What I’ve learned is that women want love. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just innate. You won’t be able to keep your star player forever. As we get older it’s time to no longer be surprised by that. If you’re single and messing with different women this is the reality.

Women can and will leave whenever they’re good and ready.

They don’t owe us much. And with that we can’t afford to get so comfortable. What do we do when our old faithful decides she wants more and we don’t? You’ve got to let her go and do her. Always stick to what’s true to you. If you’re not ready for what someone else his then don’t force it. When that lady falls back, it’s time to rebuild. Don’t be discouraged at all.

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Any ladies ever had them a small rotation of guys at a time? Any ladies ever had enough of a situation like this then left a guy? Any guys relate to this situation? Let’s talk.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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