We all know that men love games, often to our detriment. For whatever reasons, men have been wired to play games and have killed many relationships as a result. Below are 7 board games that men have projected into their own lives and romantic relationships.

1.)    Candy Land: Men love sweet, delicious, “candy.” They will walk, run, and camp out on the road to get that sweet, delicious  “candy.” The greatest offense that men make in Candy Land is letting their imagination drift too far from reality.

2.)    Scrabble: Making women work through information (lack of information, mis-information, false information) to determine where they stand in your life. The greatest offense that men make in Scrabble is that think transparency is not a part of the game.

3.)    Jenga: Physically/mentally moving blocks from the bottom of the tower without making the tower fall. Men do this all the time in relationships, removing foundational pieces to the relationship (trust, honesty, communication) and believing that the tower (relationship) won’t fall. The greatest offense that men make in Jenga is that they don’t value those foundational blocks.

4.)    Monopoly: Forsaking everything, including relationships for financial advancement and power. The greatest offense that men make in Monopoly, they get consumed with more of the wrong things.

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5.)    Twister: Turns in life are apart of life and none of us know what’s next. Sometimes men play games that when mixed with the unknown turns in life, place women and the relationship into positions that they would not choose for their relationship. The greatest offense that men make in Twister is that they underestimate the strain that the twist and turns take on the relationships.

6.)    SORRY!: Not a lot of brothas have played the actual board game SORRY, but they found a way to incorporate the (name) of the game into their relationships. The greatest offense that men make in SORRY is that they think sorry ends the hurt.

7.)    Gesstures: When women have to guess whom the man is, because he plays so many different people. The greatest offense that men make in Gesstures—lying!

Men love games, but games can drain, damage and destroy romantic relationships. I’m guilty of playing games in the past, but have put down the games so that I can deal with real life.

What games would you add to the list that men and women play in relationships? 

Tim Jones, 32 year old husband, and father of two from the Southside of Chicago. My wife and I lead a community called The Ring Club.
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