Today’s post is dedicated to the discussion of sexual chemistry. To put it plainly, it’s an important attribute to any kind of sexual relationship. Through my discussions with friends and my own experience I’ve learned  few things. One of which is that a woman can take somethings personally. In this case, it’s where a guy isn’t sexually responsive to her after let’s say, round one. I say after round one because when you’re hot in the pants the wind can blow and you’d be ready. I always measure my sexual attraction to someone truly by round two. In my opinion, it’s the true barometer. But why?!

Sexual chemistry goes beyond looks.

Your attraction can be a huge part of the chemistry. But attraction isn’t the only part of the chemistry. I’ll give you what I consider a proverbial example. I can talk to a friend of mine about a woman. He could tell me that this woman is gorgeous. At the same token maybe that woman is too conservative for him. He might want a more forward lady in the sheets. Something like that could throw off chemistry. If a guy enjoys oral but never gets it, that too can throw things off. If a woman isn’t ever comfortable making the first move… you get the picture.

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There’s a toy chest full of causes that can throw off sexual chemistry.

For some reason though, many women take it straight to the heart if a guy isn’t aroused for them. Now it’s understandable. I would only suggest that if you ladies ever experience such a thing that you should ask questions. It’s very likely that a guy does like you. It’s very likely that a guy does think you’re attractive. You just need to find out what your man/boo is into.

Ladies,you don’t need to be too hard on yourselves.

How would your man like you to operate in bed? Where are the both of you willing to compromise? Those are questions I hope that has answers for you all.  We’re not as candid as we should be when it comes to what we do in bed. If you’re comfortable enough to be naked with someone then you should be more than comfortable talking about being naked. It’s not always because you’re “ugly’ that your man can’t get it up. Maybe he’s expecting something that he just didn’t get.

Have any of you ladies experienced a guy who couldn’t give you the rounds you deserve? Did you just get mad and assume it was because you were unattractive? If you have, just don’t be so quick to the trigger. Today’s word is communicate. I’m hoping that more communication on matters of sex leads to more clarity and higher self esteem for the ladies. Don’t be stingy and share your thoughts y’all

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These are my words and I make no apologies.

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