I came across this video today. Funny story, this weekend I was discussing what my plans were and whereas about 5-6 years ago I would think the sky is the limit it’s not anymore. My list of options involved more of the things I would not do rather than the things I would do. I’m a guy too, I dread what this conversation sounds like for women. As a guy I have some rules that I abide by now:

  1. I’m too old to pay cover. I don’t need the party that much that I’m willing to pay $20 for entry only to spend money on drinks at the bar.

  2. I’m too old to be squished. I have reached a point in my life where I reserve the right to have personal space.

  3. There needs to be something to do where we’re going other than drinking and standing around. This all but eliminates most bars and clubs. Bars are pretty much there for getting trashed. Clubs are worse because I can’t hear myself talk.

  4. I get dressed up for work, I’m not getting dressed up when I don’t have to. I also realized that I never thought I’d get to this point but… these shoes hurt my feet.

  5. Know your competition and don’t take fights outside of your weight class. Not to sound elitist but when I’m in the club or bar, I feel like a seasoned veteran and a heavyweight. I most likely make more money than the younger guys, I have done more in my social life than they have, basically, I’ve done all that they are about to do twice. I’m not competing with them, they can’t compete with me, I’ve already won.


Those five rules may sound cocky as hell but they’re really just a way to mask me saying to myself… I’m too old for this shit. Alcohol tastes better on my couch. Nothing good has ever happened after 1am. And I lose too much of my day being hungover after a night of partying. Check out this great video about going out in your 20s vs. 30s.

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