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In 2013 we saw the re-emergence and adoration of one of man’s greatest accessories- facial hair, more specifically the beard. A few squiggly hairs on your chin wasn’t enough to suffice as sexy unless you were Pharrell. Women were fawning over scruffy faces all over the U.S., and it is a fact that women love beards. You might saw pages dedicated to beards on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Women Love Beards:

Looks Like a Man

Women got tired of those super-pretty negroes. They wanted men that wouldn’t take more time than them to get ready. Ladies, know that they should never have to fight a man over mirror time and bearded fellas know that a beard, nice watch, and a pair of clean shoes is really all we need to look fly.

You Can Handle Her

Bearded men look more aggressive and like alpha males. One thing we’ve noticed is women complaining more and more about men acting soft these days. A beard signifies the pinnacle of manhood, it’s possible to be a pushover with a beard, but I’ve yet to meet one.

He Can Switch It Up

One of the benefits of dating a man with a beard is that you know he can switch it up. He can go clean shaven, do a goatee, or bring it back to the beard- there are endless possibilities. Whoever you want him to be, just give him the word and he can transform for you.

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You Appear to Be Mature

For some reason beards make a man look wiser or mysterious. It makes a man look distinguished or like he has something to say worth being heard. Beards commend respect or at least attention. Women like men that look like they can have an interesting discussion with.


Every man can’t grow one. Some men’s beards won’t connect or it does connect and it’s patchy. Whatever the case may be, if you can grow a magnificent beard it’s a great feat, and being adored by beautiful women should be the least of what you deserve.

He Goes Down and Does It Well

Women believe a man with a beard can eat p*ssy, I’ve heard many women say “he must’ve grown that beard by eating a lot of …” True or False?

What are some other reasons women love men with beards? Are beards overrated? Are men with beards better in bed? Do you want to write a rebuttal to this post about why women like clean shaven men, send it here [SBM @ singleblackmale.org].

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