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Sometimes the dating scene is a little foggy and you can’t even see ten feet ahead of yourself, but all you have to do is turn on those little yellow fog-lights to clear things up and give you perspective. It’s frustrating when you can’t tell if he wants a relationship or just on-call sex, but this blog will clear things up for you, 5 Signs He Just Wants Sex:

He Only Plays With You During His Convenience

So this guy never really moves obligations around to make things happen between you two. He only cares to catch up with you when nothing else is entertaining his time. You’re not a priority to him and there’s a never a sense of urgency when it comes to the time that you all have together. You’re just simply a walking, talking pastime.

He Never Goes Above and Beyond for You

When you really like a woman you make things happen. If you want to get those last minute tickets, you pay a little extra. You’re trying to surprise her with a nice dinner, you call in a few favors. She really wants to see you, you get there by any means necessary. A woman that a man loves, he leaves logic behind to an extent because he doesn’t want to disappoint her.

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He Doesn’t Feel Like It’s Worth Fighting for You or With You

So you have a discrepancy with how things are going with you guys? He doesn’t offer you resistance. He doesn’t argue or even listen to empathize with your points. And he just avoids the altercation altogether, because you’re not worth the aggravation. You’re not worth the time to endure temporary discomfort for. You’re supposed to be easy because you aren’t worth much to him.

Discussing the Future with Him is Like Going in Circles

You talk about future plans and he starts groaning with disapproval of the mere topic. He tells you to “just enjoy the moment” or “go with the flow.” Please… men make plans for the people or things they want in their life, no matter how abstract or uncertain those plans may seem. If he doesn’t plan for you, then he probably doesn’t care about you and if he does care it’s not enough to sustain a relationship.

Everything You Discuss Somehow Becomes Sexual Innuendo

Nothing is worse than a man that can’t interact with a woman without making everything relate back to sex. You say “It’s hot outside”, he’s like “Yeah this is perfect sex weather.” You say “You’re cooking stuffed bell peppers for dinner”, and he says “that ain’t the only thing that could be stuffed ;)…” You say “you’re getting out the shower”, he’s like “I wish I could’ve joined you.” Like absolutely corny sh*t. At first, it might be funny or cute, but weeks later it becomes repetitive and immature.

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What are some other signs that show he just wants sex? How long does it usually take for you to see a man’s true intentions? Fellas, what do you say to a woman if you just want sex? Play the game or just be straightforward?

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