We have learned our lessons with what to call Black women, but we have never discussed it. Let’s have a conversation about what we can and cannot call women; I think we are remissed in what we call them. I also hope we can find middle ground, and stop calling women names. These are a list of names that I’ve come up with, and you let me know if you agree.

1. Slut – This is an ambiguous term that has no meaning, because we can’t really wrap our arms around what it means. Numbers aren’t important, but what is? Now you understand why this word is problematic.

2. Ho – We like to call women this word. What we don’t like to talk about, is how when we look in the mirror we’re most likely looking back at ourselves.

3. Thot – This is the worst term ever! It is an observation, and most likely not true. It’s about the behavior we see in others, not necessarily the actions.

4. Homie – Do NOT call women this – trust me on that. They hate being called this name, because it doesn’t classify how or why you know them. You’ll get evil stares that aren’t worth it.

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5. My Friend – You can use this, but it won’t fly for very long. Most women like to know how you’re explaining their presence to people.

6. Jumpoff – The most vague of them all; what does this really mean? Is it a girl that will do what you want, when you want? Maybe, but the thing about this is: you may be just a part of her plan, as you are hers.

7. A chicken – Death to derogatory terms about women that can’t really sustain themselves.

8. Bae – You guys realize that you can say this about anyone, right? Most women hate this because they want a specific name, not a name that you could use to describe everyone in your life.

What are some names that you guys can think of that make you cringe when you hear them? I have thought about this list and removed them from my dictionary but I’m not sure everyone has. Let’s talk about it.

Dr. J