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I ain’t going to lie to y’all there’s been many of times where I dated up in age. It’s actually not a bad idea from a dating standpoint. Long term you may find it difficult if you have different goals in life. You have to keep in mind she might be further along in reaching her goals and you’re coming along trying to lead. That is probably not going to work. However, in the short term I found that dating older women was a good way to avoid some immaturity flaws that younger women possess. In an ideal world, you’d hope that she’s rid herself of tantrums and indecisiveness; doesn’t always pan out that way though. Anyway, this is a list of tips from women on how to date older women. Now go out there and oil the loins of the experienced.

Experience, smarts, and furniture that isn’t milk crates are just a few reasons why guys might enjoy dating older women. And as women, we like that you’re smart and mature enough to like those things. I asked my friends who have dated younger guys some of the lessons they wish they could bestow upon others. Turns out, many of the things they said could actually double as advice for the way you should behave with women of any age. But their kernels of wisdom are especially helpful if you’re trying to figure out how to date older women …

1. Be realistic.

2. Pace yourself.

3. Pick your spots.

4. Take her advice.

5. Get over the age thing.

6. Keep it simple.

7. No, seriously, get over the age thing.

The detailed explanation for each of these is over at Modern Man.

I agree with all seven of these points except #4. If it isn’t good advice, don’t take it. Also, I would never want to put myself in a position where she feels like she’s carrying me. What do you all think though? Do you think this list is a pretty good set of suggestions? Do you think there are some that were left off? If you have dated an older woman or younger man, what are some of the tips you would have for those choosing to do the same?

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