I must admit, I’ve had some incredibly interesting relationship conversations in the comments sections of blogs and on social media (hell, I KNOW I’m not alone on this). Questions such as, “are men intimidated of professional women?”, “should coupons be used on first dates?”, and “can a woman truly be happy dating a man that makes less money than her?” always seem to elicit intense debates. But in September of 2011, I had a moment of clarity that changed my life and viewpoint on these internet debates: I got booked for my first ever speaking gig in New York City (featuring SBM’s own Slim).

As you can see from the video above, the event was amazing and it reaffirmed something I’ve always thought to myself: While these discussions can often be contemptuous and ignant online, there’s a way to discuss relationships in a more productive, honest and HILARIOUS way, and that is done IN PERSON. After that event, I went back home to Toronto and my mind began wandering on how I could create an inclusive, interesting and fun show that could bring young, frowsy-free women and men together for a night of great conversation in a safe and unpretentious environment. That translated into me creating a show called R&B: Relationships & Bullsh*t (also the name of my podcast) and I’m proud to cordially invite you to my first ever conversation party in New York City on Saturday June 28th at Madame X Lounge in Lower Manhattan. rnb-jun2014-evita If you’ve never been to a conversation party, let me set the scene for you: It’s a night hosted and moderated by me and my homegirl, Evita Robinson (creator of the Nomad*ness Travel Tribe), where we sit and talk about love, sex and dating in New York. There is NO panel because we want it to be as interactive as possible, and there’s no one claiming to be “relationship experts” because all of our opinions are valid. The atmosphere is NOT about women vs. men, it’s about exploring our own differences and it’s NOT about hashing up bitter feelings, it’s about healing through hilarious convo. Since October of 2013, this show has sold out three times in Toronto alone, and the vibes are ALWAYS amazing. To purchase advanced tickets and to learn more about the show (including viewing more video footage), please go to: http://rnbny.eventbrite.com I look forward to seeing you all come out and freeing up yourselves (had to end it off with some West Indian/Toronto dialect). This Is Your Conscience