SUNK’s future ex-wife

Big booties are magical and lethal. I’ve heard about men spending their entire pay check all over some buns. I’ve seen four-car collisions all over a big juicy and rotund rump. Weeks ago I discussed with a friend that her booty was too big to be in a corporate setting. I argued that it would be a distraction to her coworkers. Her booty would be considered a “visual” noise making it hard for people to focus on the tasks at hand. After all, people enforce dress codes so that there is uniformity and norms. So what if your physical attributes bust out of this norm that are being enforced? Who should suffer, the booty or the business?

Having a big butt like being butt ugly is that visual noise that I speak of, however having a big butt is hypersexualized. The sexual connotation with a having a butt aren’t always viewed as positive attributes to have in a reserved corporate setting. Being ugly can be overlooked, comedic or just puts you in the butt of everyone’s jokes- pun intended. But being a brickhouse puts a woman in a room with a glass ceiling. Others aren’t able to overlook her huge butt, for the sake of “over” looking and being possessed by her physical attributes.

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The fat ass is the most ethnic of them all concerning those with a darker complexion. Big booties are like dreads and/or afros, they aren’t popular or culturally accepted in the workforce and are usually considered too “ethnic”. To the black community it is beauty, but sometimes even we give negative stereotypes to women that possess the very blueprint of what our ancestors gave us as slutty, hoochie, etc.

Even white girls with big boobs don’t get it as bad as those thick office goddesses. Boobs are less threatening than big asses, if that makes sense. They’re fun and nice, or even hospitable. But a fat ol’ ass demands your attention. It’s domineering, dare I say intimidating to the less fortunate man. (points at those guys, SUNK loves you)

Some women will retort and say “Well it all depends on how a woman dresses.” But I’ve seen asses that couldn’t be contained.- that clothes couldn’t come near to containing, only accentuating. A few women just have bodies that are so curvy that they bring anything they were to life. So thick that they make a room go silent and make civilized men say things that make neanderthals look like geniuses.

So what do you think… Can a woman have a booty too big for corporate America or the work place in general? Do you have a big butt and have you found it hard getting a white collar job? How do your male coworkers treat you or other women with huge hind-parts? Or is this some sh*t that I’m shoveling and there’s obviously no difference? Sh*t U Need 2 Know)

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