We’re a couple weeks from summer y’all!!

It’s around this time where there’s a whole slew of new music. We’re all listening and looking to see reactions. We’re trying to figure out what will be the summer anthem. I love summer anthems. I frequent  many outings throughout the summer months (like the UA BBQ Pool Party). Good music has a lot to do with an event’s success.

This year as far as I can see it will be no different. As much as this song isn’t brand new, it’ll be a big deal. “Loyal” is a huge hit for Chris Brown. It  tells a story of gold-digging women. The song is all about how those women lack loyalty. There’s much truth to that. “These hoes ain’t loyal” is the hook of this song. And it is that lyric that many men have used to describe a woman who scorned them. A lot of guys say this with a sense of bitterness. If a woman gets him with the okie doke, he’ll exclaim these hoes ain’t loyal.

The issue I have with this two fold.

First off, many of the guys who say this aren’t loyal themselves.  Secondly, too many men aren’t accountable about the part they play. Of course for Chris Brown’s life it’s different. There’s a paranoia that comes with the fame. You don’t know who is really down for you. But for most of us, we don’t have that problem. Many of us are still on the never-ending hunt for that Chris Breezy paper. So we use this line to relate to our own situations.

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For example, if you listen to YG’s “Me And My Bitch,” he’s very vulnerable. On the track he talks about his “wifey.” He details the sacrifices he made for her. But the song prior to that one (on the album) he’s messing with another woman. His friend calls him to tell him he saw his girl with someone else. He then learns that she’s been cheating. But YG was cheating too. This song is another example of “these hoes ain’t loyal.” At least as it pertains to how the common man uses it.

There’s this sense of entitlement that men have.

It’s certainly not all of us, but definitely some. This idea that we can dog out these women and never have it reciprocated. It’s foolish to perpetuate that logic. Yet that is exactly what we do. How dare we come out our face condemning a woman for doing her? If we didn’t honor the relationship either, why should we speak? I get the whole spiel about a woman being a lady. That’s all good and well. I simply feel that if you’re disloyal, you have no place to call someone else out. Play your part.

How do you all feel about it?

In any case… I still dig the song. It’s fun to sing damn it! It is your song of the summer guaranteed. Just keep it in it’s right context. So just for kicks here’s the video…enjoy!

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These are my words and I make no apologies.

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